MILAN ( – The Zephyro shareholders’ meeting approved the 2017 financial statements and closed with revenues of € 69.4 million (substantially in line with € 70.1 million in 2016), € 15.9 million in ebitda (+49 , 4%) and a profit of 1.7 million, compared to a loss of 0.3 million in the previous year. The dividend of € 0.10 will have been given on May 28th. Also nominated the CDA which will remain in office for three years until the approval of the 2020 budget: Domenico Catanese (Chairman), Alberto Barucci, Matteo Carlotti, Mario Nevali, Igor Patscheider, Alberto Vigo, Ernesto Zucca, and Daniela Caterina Rita Scaramuccia (independent councilor). Finally, the company approved the purchase of 886,163 redeemable shares and their subsequent cancellation, and the cancellation of 698,504 own shares held in the portfolio, keeping the current share capital unchanged, which will consist of 9,916,311 shares, of which 9,824,639 ordinary and 91,672 performing.