MILANO ( – WM Capital, a company specialised in the Business Format Franchising sector and that promotes business growth through the development of network systems in Italy and abroad, and Finlogic, active in the Information Technology sector with complete solutions for the codification and automatic identification of products, both listed on the AIM Italia market, have signed a commercial agreement for the development of the retail franchising market. The aim of the partnership will be the support, throughout 2018, to the development of Finlogic services by WM Capital in the Franchising networks market. Fabio Pasquali, CEO of WM Capital, commented: “We are very satisfied with the choices regarding Finlogic, an important listed company, which has selected us as a partner to increase its presence in the network market, testifying to the value of our own network”. Dino Natale, Chief Executive Officer of Finlogic commented: “We took this opportunity with great interest, which allows us to enter the franchising world and fully exploit the potential that the market offers thanks to the collaboration with Zebra Technologies and Epson that have specific solutions for the retail industry as well”.