MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week is 25.0 million euros; 39 positive titles with an average of + 2.38%. The FTSE AIM Italy scored -0.07%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of + 0.66%. The 5 best performances of the week: Notorious Pictures: 9.23% (CMG Euro 169.016) Illa: 6.83% (CMG Euro 17.285) Cults Milan: 6.22% (CMG Euro 7.710) Enertronics: 5.7% (CMG) Euro 22.783) Prisms: 4.37% (CMG Euro 33.968) At sector level * the best performance was recorded in the Chemical sector (+ 2.7%), followed by the Industrial sector (+ 1.8%) and the Healthcare sector (+ 0.8%). Chemical Sector Performance: 2.7% (CMG Euro 995.408) Industry: 1.8% (CMG Euro 27.573) Healthcare: 0.8% (CMG Euro 46.993) Technology: -0.2% (CMG Euro 81.652) Average: – 0.3% (CMG Euro 28.793) Finance: -0.3% (CMG Euro 63.519) Telecommunications: -0.4% (CMG Euro 70.698) Fashion and Luxury: -0.5% (CMG Euro 11.130) Food: – 0.5% (CMG Euro 68.155) Services: -1.2% (CMG Euro 37.626) Renewable Energy and Energy: -1.9% (CMG Euro 26.604) * Sectoral classification by the IR TOP Observer (www.pmicapital) .it) The main News of the week IR Top: Quotation bonus for SMEs on AIM Presented in advance the decree implementing the next publication. Francesco Caio – President of the Council of Ministers, Stefano Firpo – Ministry of Economic Development, Anna Lambiase – IR Top Consulting illustrated the details. Costs related to the following IPO consultancy activities are eligible for tax credit: a. activities supported in view of the beginning of the listing process and finalised, such as, among others, the implementation and adjustment of the management control system, the assistance of the company in the preparation of the business plan, the support to the company at all stages of the functional path to listing on the reference market; b. activities provided during the admission phase and aimed at certifying the company’s suitability for admission and subsequent presence on the market; c. activities necessary for placing the shares subject to listing with the investors; d. activities aimed at supporting the issuing company in revising historical or prospective financial information and in the subsequent preparation of a report, including those relating to the performance of the financial due diligence; e. assistance activities of the issuing company in drafting the admission document and the prospectus or documents used for placement with qualified investors or for the production of research as defined in article 3, paragraph 1, numbers 34 and 35 of the Regulation (EU ) n. 596/2014; f. activities relating to legal, tax and contractual issues strictly related to the listing procedure such as, among others, the activities related to the definition of the offer, the examination of the prospectus or admission document or documents used for placement with qualified investors, legal or fiscal due diligence and aspects related to corporate governance; g. communication activities necessary to offer the maximum visibility to the company, to disclose the investment case, through interviews, press releases, events and presentations to the financial community. Expenses may consist of an amount agreed upon fixedly or partially proportionate to the success of the listing operation. The presentation of the application starting from 1 October of the listing year until 31 March of the following year. Francesco Caio: Simplifying access to the quotation for companies. Francesco Caio, Councilor for Industrial Policy for the Council Presidency, during the presentation conference of the decree in which was convened also by Stefano Firpo (MISE) and Anna Lambiase (IR Top Consulting), said: “Ms. Lambiase gave voice to the market in the Government Chambers, which had long focused on this issue. On the subject of SME quotation, I underline two aspects: on the one hand the attention of the outgoing Government to ensure a regulatory framework that helps companies to recover capital not only from the banking world, which has been a strong point in the economic development of the Italian industrial system and which today meets with objective constraints; and on the other hand, the need to simplify access to company listing by breaking down one of the main constraints, which are the costs related to the transaction. However, it also requires an awareness on the part of companies not only of the opportunities of the listing process, but also of the constraints that entail in terms of governance rules, which may seem like a cage, but opportunities must be considered. In Italy it is possible to work as part of a team by putting together different bodies of interest, the Presidency of the Council, a private group of investors and of the companies invested in, and creating a harmonious profile that is more than ever essential to bringing the economy to new forms and financing companies towards new growth and development prospects”. Bomi Italia, revenues for the first quarter grew by 5.3% to 29.6 million Bomi Italia S.p.A., is the holding company of the Bomi Group, a leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of high technology products for health protection. Bomi Italia achieved consolidated revenues of 29.6 million in the first quarter, 5.3% more than in 2017. This figure is 2.8% higher than the 28.7 million euro forecast in the 2018 – 2020 business plan. Furthermore, the company explains, “at constant exchange rates for the first quarter of 2017, consolidated revenues from March 31, 2018 would have been 32.2 euros, up 14.7% compared to the first quarter of 2017, due to 4.2% organic growth and the remaining 10.5% from the new companies that became part of the consolidation area – De Salute Srl, acquired in January 2018, Faro Srl, acquired in the second quarter of 2017 and the Mexican subsidiaries acquired in the second half of 2017”. Gel, a business partnership with the Dutch company of Salttech GEL S.p.A., founded in 1979, is the second Italian operator in the water treatment market. Gel has signed a strategic partnership with the Dutch company Salttech, an engineering company highly specialised in water technology (in particular ZLD, Zero Liquid Discharge): the collaboration between the two companies will provide the customer with a complete solution that integrates the best technologies currently available. The ZLD technology is applied in the recovery and recycling of waste water and in the elimination – by evaporation – of the water component of waste water that can not be re-used. In this way, the plant produces a solid waste that can be disposed of in landfills. COMPANIES AIM 4AIM SICAF: -1.21% Living In: -0.64% Agatos: -1.46% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -3.64% Alkemy: 2.85% Alp.I: 0.00% Ambromobiliare: -0.25% Assiteca: 2.88% axélero: -5.83% BioDue: 1.18% Bio-on: 2.74% Blue Financial Communication: 0.54% Bomi Italy: 4.24% Caleido Group: -0.66% Capital For Progress 2: -1.02% Casta Diva Group: -0.35% CdR Advance Capital: 3.35% Clabo: 2.05% Cover 50: -1.92% Growth: 0.00% Milan Cults: 6.22% DBA Group: 2.70% DHH: -4.93% Digital Magics: -2.14% Digital360: 1.26% DigiTouch: -4.56% Ecosuntek: -1 , 98% Elettra Investimenti: 0.47% Energica Motor Company: -3.79% Energy Lab: 0.49% Enertronics: 5.7% EPS Equita PEP: -1.41% Equita Group: 1.53% Expert System : -5.43% Fervi: 3.93% Finlogic: 0.00% Fintel Energia Group: 0.00% First Capital: 0.98% FOPE: -2.86% Frendy Energy: 0.28% Gabelli Value For Italy: -0.50% Gambero Rosso: -1.37% Gel: 2.69% Giorgio Fedon & Sons: -0.91% Glenalta: 0.00% GO Internet: -0.37% GPI: -0, 45% Green Power Group: -23.42% He alth Italy: 0.40% H-FARM: -1.72% IdeaMI: 1.04% Illa: 6.83% Imvest: -0.37% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: 0.00% Brescia Initiatives: 0, 00% Innova Italy 1: -0.50% Innovatec: -5.26% Italia Independent Group: 3.67% Italian Wine Brands: 0.72% Ki Group: -1.68% Kolinpharma: -1.43% Leone Film Group: 3.06% Life Care Capital: -2.81% Lucisano Media Group: 2.75% MailUp: 2.18% Masi Agricola: -0.47% Modelleria Brambilla: -2.00% Mondo TV France: -2.74% World TV Suisse: -2.70% Neodecortech: 1.56% Net Insurance: -4.05% Neurosoft: 1.77% Notorious Pictures: 9.23% Orsero: -0.67% Pharmanutra: 0,75% Piteco: 0,00% PLT Energy: 1,40% Polygraphic Printing: -3,35% Portal Sardinia: -2,52% Prisms: 4,37% Sea Rosetti: 0,00% SMRE: 2, 40% Safe Bag: -1.83% SCM SIM: 0,00% Sit: 1.88% SITI B & T Group: 0.21% Softec: -0.68% Spactiv: 0.00% Spaxs: -1.13 % Sprintitaly: -0.41% Telesia: 0.00% TPS: 1.07% Triboo: -0.45% Vei 1: -0.09% Vetrya: -0.75% Visibilia Publisher: 0.73% WIIT : -1.96% WM Capital: -3.44% Zephyro: 0.54%