MILAN ( – Atlas Special Opportunities asked Smre to convert the 190 remaining bonds of the second tranche of the convertible bond loan, for a nominal value of 1.9 million euro. 456,474 new shares will be assigned to the investment company at 4.1623 euros each (2.09% of the post-conversion capital): with the brokerage Banca Finnat, Atlas will sell all the shares received to a primary institutional investor. “I am pleased to be able to inform all our shareholders that we have successfully managed the situation regarding the convertible bond loan stipulated with the company Atlas Capital Market – said Ad Samuele Mazzini – This financial instrument, despite having provided financial resources useful for the development of the group, in the last months have strongly influenced the performance of the stock on the stock exchange”. In terms of the agreement, Smre has undertaken not to proceed with the drafting of the last two tranches of the loan still to be issued for a total of 4 million euros.