MILANO ( – The SG company shareholders’ meeting has approved, in an ordinary session, an increase in the number of directors from four to five, with the appointment of Nicola Corricelli in office until the expiry of the current Board of Directors. In an extraordinary session, the shareholders’ meeting resolved to issue a maximum of 5,750,000 warrants (and the related increase in capital for a maximum nominal amount of € 287,500.00), called ‘SG Warrants 2018-2023′, which will be assigned free of charge to all shareholders, at the rate of 1 warrant for 2 shares of the company, with a subscription ratio equal to 1 conversion share for each warrant brought into service. The subscription price of each conversion share is € 3.00 per share. The shareholders’ meeting also approved the rules for the ‘SG Warrants 2018-2023’, containing the discipline of the warrants. It was then decided to modify art. 6 of the bylaws.