MILAN ( – Notorious Pictures will undertake the filming that will take place in Italy for the film “Lamborghini”. The contract value is equal to 10.3 million euros: the fee for the executive production activity will be collected for approximately 70% during 2018, the remaining portion in the first quarter of 2019. “With this new executive agreement for the realisation of the film Lamborghini, we further consolidate the position of Notorious Pictures in film production thanks to the recognition of major international players in the sector and the involvement in the project of an international cast of high artistic importance” said Guglielmo Marchetti, president and CEO. Produced by the American Lambofilm Llc under the direction of the Oscar winner Robert Moresco (Crash), the film includes internationally renowned actors including Antonio Banderas. Shooting will begin this year and the film will be released to the public in cinemas during 2019.