MILANO ( – Sustainability revolution for Fedon which, in line with the great fashion brands, looks to the environment as a priority and promotes its ‘Ecological Revolution’. The life cycle of a product will be the point of evaluation for measuring its impact on the economy and on company production. This will be the new business model that makes sustainability a pillar. Avoiding the use of virgin plastic, collecting waste and making products that are environmentally friendly and valuable; these are the guidelines of the new Fedon production. Principles that are taking shape in the ‘Ecological Revolution’, such as materials with zero impact, have already been presented at Mido 2018. “Sustainability is now a primary objective which the world’s major brands are facing – explains Callisto Fedon, Fedon’s President and CEO – Reducing a company’s environmental impact is and must be on the agenda both at a strategic and managerial level, not only for ourselves but also and especially for the generations that will follow. In a context in which resources are increasingly scarce and deteriorated, corporate sustainability is an entrepreneurial and organisational challenge that should no longer be delayed. The relationship between nature and economy is at the core of the task that we are facing”. The protection of the oceans by the recovery of fishing nets is also a priority. Thanks to the technology developed by polyamide new yarns have been created, which have the same technical and qualitative characteristics as those obtained using the traditional system. “Although it is clear that recycling waste in order to make glasses will not solve the problem of plastic, – Fedon continues – these packs send an important message: it is a symbol which establishes a direct relationship between product and causes of pollution”.