MILANO ( – The Enertronica assembly approved the 2017 financial statements which, at the consolidated level, closed with 90 million euros in revenues, an adjusted EBITDA (net of extraordinary costs) of 1.9 million euros and a negative adjusted net result of 0.78 million euros (2.9 million euros in 2016). Shareholders’ equity improved sharply to € 5.3 million, with a net financial position of € 19.2 million. The parent company ended 2017 with a net profit of 3.6 million euro. The assembly then authorised a new 18-month buy back plan and up to 5% of the share capital and renewed the Board of Directors, now nine members, composed of Vito Nardi (president), the directors Cesare Vecchio, Alessandro Giudice , Pierluigi Ginolfi, Maurizio Plocco and Massimo Plocco, and independent directors Sergio Agosta, Gian Oddone Merli and Ignazio Carbone. Finally, a double capital increase was approved for a maximum of 10 million, of which 5 with exclusion of the option right and 4.99 to be offered as an option to the shareholders and holders of convertible bonds “Enertronica POC 2017-2022”, with the objective to strengthen the group’s industrial division. Finally, free new warrants will be issued to all shareholders in the ratio of 1 warrant for each share held: they will have a duration of 3 years, with a conversion price of 3 euros for the first window, of 3.3 euros for the second window and of 3.63 for the third window.