MILAN ( – Elettra Investimenti launches “Eppy”, Elettra Point to Point by Yourself, an exclusively electric car sharing service, which will be operative from 1 June, in Latina, where the company has its own headquarters. This initiative allows the group to integrate efficient services to urban transport as well. “We are proud to have started this activity that puts us among the first in Italy to realise a project of this size – said the president Fabio Massimo Bombacci – I thank the Municipality of Latina and the Mayor Damiano Coletta for the opportunity of sharing this project with the city, to which we are linked and where we operate. A service that I think can be of great interest for the people who live here, as well as small businesses of the city. Elettra has already been a reality in the sector of energy production and energy efficiency from today, and also at the forefront in the field of sustainable electric mobility”. 14 vehicles supplied by Renault Italia will be used with the aim of reaching 50, and 30 dedicated areas with smart charging columns over a period of 18 months. Latina has been chosen as the pilot city for the electric mobility project, a town with less than 200.000 inhabitants: the goal is to extend the service to other Italian towns of similar size. “Our initiative aims to enhance our environmental sustainability and approach, as it offers a totally green service with zero impact on the environment, as well as an economic and social challenge to support a new approach to mobility and the conception of urban transport – continues Bombacci – With this initiative, Elettra continues to create business opportunities in Italy, investing its own technical and economic resources and with innovative and long-term strategic choices. We are proud to have started this activity that puts us among the first to realise it on this scale in Italy”.