MILANO ( – eMobility, increase in the use of aluminum, collaboration between suppliers and a concentration of production in specific geographical areas: these are the four trends in the automotive market identified by Costamp Group management. New electric and hybrid engines, as well as new technology to reduce aerodynamic drag are the most important topics in the e-mobility sector, driven by the attentiveness of OEM’s in the market and the consideration of greenhouse gas emissions. OEM’s and Tier 1 are also pushing more and more to have integrated solutions from suppliers – as a result pushed towards joint ventures and strategic partnerships – in order focus on standardisation processes of components for platforms that can be used for multiple vehicles. A need that is also reflected in geographical terms, with Eastern Europe, China, United States and Mexico, as the main areas concerned. Finally, the increasing use of aluminum is also under consideration, both for the most resistance/weight ratio offered and for the thermal transfer functions.