MILANO ( – Piteco has implemented a technology development project for the Brembo group in the field of ‘Treasury’, which also won the Highly Commended Winner Award in the Best Account Receivable Solution category during the Adam Smith Award 2018. The project involved the computerisation of the Credit Collection processes and the optimisation of the activities related to the management of collections coming from the automotive world. It is characterised by communication and information formats to support different payments for each car company. Piteco presented the data matching platform integrated with Piteco Evo, which is dedicated to the identification, reconciliation and accounting of collections in the area of Treasury and Credit. On an annual basis, approximately 8,000 collections are managed by the parent company Brembo, with a flow of managed documents of approximately 80,000: of these, the system allows an automatic management of 80%, with approximately 64,000 documents reconciled automatically. In one year 24,000 printed sheets were saved and 1,440 hours of work, which can be devoted to a greater focus on the core activities of Credit Management.