MILAN ( – There will be 24 companies as protagonists of the AIM Investor Day: Alfio Bardolla Training Group, BioDue, Blue Financial Communication, Bomi Group, Cellularline, Circle, Clabo, Costamp Group, DBA Group, Digital Magics, Digital360, DigiTouch, Elettra Investments, Expert System, Finlogic, ICF Group, Longino & Cardenal, MailUp, Notorious Pictures, Portobello, Prismi, Renergetica, Sciuker Frames, SCM SIM. The total capitalisation is about 1 billion euros (40 million euros on average). In 2007, the 24 companies had average revenues of 36 million euros and an average EBITDA margin of 13%. On the 30th June 2018 revenues recorded an average growth of + 34%, the average EBITDA margin is equal to 14%.