MILAN ( – Edison will take over the majority shareholding in Zephyro from Prima Holding. The transaction, which will be completed by the subsidiary Fenice, concerns a total of 71.26% of the capital of the energy management company (7 million ordinary shares and 92.000 performing shares that will be converted into ordinary shares) at a price of 10.25 euro per share. Subsequently, Fenice will launch an Opa on the market float at the same price. “I’m greatly satisfied by the agreement signed and announced today – said the president of Zephyro, Domenico Catanese – Zephyro joins Edison, a leading energy company from which the Zephyro group can express themselves to the maximum of their potential and contribute to an operator of absolute reliability in the field of energy efficiency, and for the Public Administration in Italy”. Zephyro closed 2017 with 69 million euros in revenues and 15.9 million in ebitda. In March, the final awards of the first three lots of the Consip “Mies2” tender were obtained by the company for the supply of energy services for a total value of approximately € 530 million and is also awaiting the results of the lot award procedure of “ordinary lot 1” for an overall ceiling turnover equal to approximately 140 million euros more. It will also begin operating in the United Kingdom by participating in the field of energy efficiency, which will be expected soon, for 8 hospitals, while 11 others have already been identified for an expected total investment of 114 million euros.