MILANO ( – Edison, through its subsidiary Fenice SpA, finalises the acquisition of 7,007,299 ordinary shares held by Prima Holding S.r.l. of Zephyro (listed on the AIM Italia market following the business combination with Spac GreenItaly1) and appoints new Board of Directors. The members of the new Board of Directors, which will remain in office for three years, are: Piergiuseppe Biandrino, Giovanni Brianza, Didier Calvez, Domenico Catanese (who will continue to hold the office of Chairman of the Board of Directors), Giorgio Colombo, Nicolò Dubini (with the independent requirements pursuant to Article 148 paragraph 3 of the TUF, as referred to in Article 147-ter, paragraph 4, of the TUF), Gianluca Maiolini and Paolo Quaini. The Board appointed Gianluca Maiolini as CEO of the company and responsible for the management and coordination of Fenice for Zephyro. In addition, he convened an extraordinary meeting of the shareholders’ meeting on July 19, for the amendment of the Articles of Association with reference to the identification of the requirements for the office of directors and statutory auditors.