MILANO ( – Wellnet, a subsidiary of Prismi, has taken over the ownership of the patent linked to the ‘Hyro Safe One’ project of the innovative startup Hyro srl, which consists of the possibility of integrating a GPS tracker into the structure of a shoe intended for use in different situations. The technology is used, among other things, to track via GPS the position of people who require special assistance such as Alzheimer’s patients and can make an emergency call easily and safely. The device can also be used as a ‘tracker’ for children, objects, means of transport or other things. “We are evaluating the business opportunities related to the acquired patent – says Alessandro Reggiani, CEO of Wellnet – Our goal is to work in collaboration with companies interested in developing the system and adding new products and services to the market through a partnership that can be supported by the skills of Wellnet and the Prismi group”. At the same time, the company sold its 18.76% stake in the startup.