MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week was € 80.0 million; 41 positive shares with an average of + 4.05%. The FTSE AIM Italia scored + 0.41%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of -0.36%. The 5 best performances of the week: Visibilia Editore: 31.45% (CMG Euro 433.220) Illa: 16.67% (CMG Euro 31.060) Assiteca: 15.16% (CMG Euro 159.590) Grifal: 13.16% (CMG Euro 456.974) Prismi: 9.41% (CMG Euro 89.336) At sector level * the best performance was recorded by the Chemical sector (+ 6.7% on average), followed by the Technology sector (+ 1.9%) and the Media sector(+ 1.6%). Chemical Sector Performance: 6.7% (CMG Euro 10.071.733) Technology: 1.9% (CMG Euro 62.284) Average: 1.6% (CMG Euro 73.405) Industry: 0.8% (CMG Euro 60.100) Finance: 0.1% (CMG Euro 79.804) Healthcare: 0.0% (CMG Euro 38.608) Fashion and Luxury: -0.1% (CMG Euro 6.764) Telecommunications: -0.4% (CMG Euro 13.482) Food: -1 , 2% (CMG Euro 52.280) Services: -2.1% (CMG Euro 56.970) Renewable Energy and Energy: -2.3% (CMG Euro 80.772) * Sector classification by the IR TOP Research Department (www.pmicapital. it) The main News of the week Lambiase (IR Top): Government favours access to the capital market PMI The Ministerial Decree MISE – MEF was published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, in force since 19 June, implementing art. 1, paragraphs 89 to 92, of the 2018 Annual Accounts Law which introduced the tax credit on 50% of the consulting costs incurred by SMEs from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020 for listing on the Stock Exchange. Anna Lambiase, CEO of IR Top Consulting: “The publication of the decree is a sign of the importance given by the Government to the growth of the capital market for the future of the Italian economy. We have worked for the development of AIM Italia for a long time and this standard is moving in the direction of enhancing the work done in favour of a market in which we have believed and invested since its birth by developing a recognisable asset that today distinguishes us in the Italian financial community. We expect the tax credit to stimulate a further demand for SME quotations on AIM which, since 2009, has provided about 4 billion euros of capital to companies. As part of our technical support to the government we have included an in-depth analysis concerning the definition of the policy around ‘average IPO costs’ and the measure of the standard in terms of allocated resources (€ 80 million). In particular, the areas analysed by the AIM RESEARCH DEPARTMENT were: types of listing costs on the AIM market of the Italian Stock Exchange, sensitivity analysis based on average funding data (7.2 million Euro) and the average (5, 3 million euros), the possible impact of the tax incentive on the number of new IPOs and the estimates based on empirical evidence from 2017. Considering that we expect an average threshold amount below 500,000 euros, there would be a benefit from the incentive for about 180 IPOs in the three-year period 2018-2020.” Forrester: Expert System among the eight leaders of AI text analytics Expert System is a leader in the field of cognitive computing and text analytics. Through the patented Cogito® technology, Expert System proposes a totally innovative way for companies to analyse big data and process information, using artificial intelligence to obtain strategic knowledge from large quantities of documents. Forrester, one of the most authoritative analysis and research companies focused on innovation and technology, has included Expert System among the only eight global market leaders in the field of artificial intelligence for text analytics. In the report ‘The Forrester Wave: AI-based Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2018′ Expert System’s Cogito technology received the highest score for its depth of text analysis, for the advantages offered by the combination of semantic rules and machine learning. “Of all the participants, Cogito achieved one of the highest levels of accuracy on a previously untreated set of data. We are very satisfied with the recognition from Forrester in the field of text analytics solutions based on artificial intelligence” declared Marco Varone, Expert System President and CTO. “An important confirmation of the excellence and uniqueness of Cogito, which rewards our commitment to the development and integration of the best natural language processing and machine learning techniques, to allow our customers to use a single platform to automate business processes and quickly identify strategic information, applying artificial intelligence to business workflows”. Bomi Italia acquires Farma Logistica for 2.9 million euros Bomi Italia S.p.A., is the holding company of the Bomi Group, a leader in the biomedical logistics sector and the management of high technology products for health protection. Bomi Italia will take over 100% of Farma Logistica srl, a company active in the logistics and transportation sector for healthcare in the Central-Southern Italy area in Somma Vesuviana. The consideration for the transaction was set at € 2.9 million (half will be presented at the closing date of 30 June and the other half within the following 36 months) plus an earn-out of € 1 million maximum. Bomi will create synergies in its transportation service network and further cross-selling opportunities, continuing its consolidation strategy in Europe. “We are pleased to have reached this agreement with a company of excellence in southern Italy, with which Bomi Group has been collaborating for several years for the management of shipments in central and southern Italy – said Marco Ruini – This operation will allow the Bomi Group to geographically expand its direct transport service network using Farma Logistica’s many years of experience and also opens up further cross-selling opportunities.” Casta Diva Group presents the 2018-2020 strategic plan Casta Diva Group is a multinational company active in the communication sector for the production of branded content, viral videos, digital content, films and live music entertainment. Casta Diva Group has approved the 2018-2020 strategic plan, which has a financial value of 26 million for this year and 32 million for 2020, an ebitda of 2.1 and 3.2 million respectively, with margins up from 8 to 10 percent. Compared to the previous plan (which provided for a margin of 8% in 2019) there is a strong increase in profitability, estimated at 8% already this year. The net financial position is expected to be positive with 3 million by 2020. There are three strategic guidelines. First of all, advertising production, with growth in reference countries, consolidation of market share and strategic partnerships with multinational customers with a particular focus on China and the Middle East. Secondly, the Events, through both Italian companies (Casta Diva Forums, specialised in financial events) and abroad (for example Casta Diva Events Dubai, which is targeting Expo 2020), as well as B2B events managed with the new brand Blue Note Off. Finally, Entertainment, with the development of formats under ownership in cinema and TV series. The new Fedon team is enriched by the general manager Mario Marchi Giorgio Fedon & Figli is an international leader in the production and marketing of eyeglass cases and eyewear accessories. The Fedon Board awarded Mario Marchi as a general manager. Having obtained a Degree in Economics and Business and Executive MBA, Marchi has always held roles – in Italy and abroad – in multinational companies and SMEs with a strong industrial vocation, commercial management and general management skills. The new team will pursue the objective of starting a consolidation process in foreign markets, aiming at expanding the group’s international presence and enhancing its industrial distinctiveness. The appointment of Marchi therefore represents a further step in a process of renewal which, from January to today, has been characterised by the appointment of a new operations manager, a group purchasing manager and the sales manager for the area of opticians. During the first months of the year, the company also started a relocation process of the Shenzhen factory in another location in China in favour of greater industrial efficiency. The project will be managed by Maurizio Schiavo. THE AIM 4AIM SICAF COMPANIES: 8,00% Abitare In: -3,16% Agatos: -1,69% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -0,51% Alkemy: -0,85% Alp.I: 1,63% Ambromobiliare: -4,25% Archimede: 1,02% Assiteca : 15,16% axélero: 0,00% BioDue: -1,19% Bio-on: 6,75% Blue Financial Communication: 3,60% Bomi Italia: 1,86% Caleido Group: -1,35% Capital For Progress 2: 1,03% Casta Diva Group: -3,86% CdR Advance Capital: 4,00% Cellularline: -1,65% Clabo : 0,32% Costamp Group: 0,00% Cover 50: -2,84% Culti Milano: 0,00% DBA Group: -0,78% DHH: 1,48% Digital Magics: 1,34% Digital360: -2,63% DigiTouch: -2,44% Ecosuntek: -8,81% Elettra Investimenti: 2,04% Energica Motor Company: -2,36% Energy Lab: 0,00% Enertronica: -4,24% EPS Equita PEP 2 : 0,55% Equita Group: 0,32% Expert System: 2,03% Fervi: -5,92% Finlogic: 0,00% Fintel Energia Group: -5,04% First Capital: -4,76% FOPE: 0,00% Frendy Energy: -1,54% Gabelli Value For Italy: -3,02% Gambero Rosso: -1,04% Gel: -0,47% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: 1,11% Glenalta: 0,21% GO Internet: -0,37% GPI: -0,50% Grifal: 13,16% Gruppo Green Power: -5,24% Health Italia: -1,02% H-FARM: -4,81% Icf Group: -1,98% IdeaMI: 0,83% Illa: 16,67% Imvest: -5,65% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: -0,41% Iniziative Bresciane: 0,00% Innova Italy 1: 2,54% Innovatec: 0,00% Italia Independent Group: 1,29% Italian Wine Brands: -0,39% Ki Group: 0,00% Kolinpharma: 0,00% Leone Film Group: -0,40% Life Care Capital: -0,01% Lucisano Media Group: 1,87% MailUp: -1,90% Masi Agricola: 0,23% Mondo TV France: 5,22% Mondo TV Suisse: 1,83% Neodecortech: 6,25% Net Insurance: -7,48% Neurosoft: 0,00% Notorious Pictures: 2,99% Orsero: -4,77% Pharmanutra: 1,09% Piteco: 1,29% PLT Energia: -2,82% Poligrafici Printing: -5,28% Portale Sardegna: 1,35% Prismi: 9,41% Rosetti Marino: -1,54% S.M.R.E.: -4,15% Safe Bag: -9,41% SCM SIM: 0,00% Sit: 0,94% SITI B&T Group: -7,00% Softec: 1,42% Somec: -0,12% Spactiv: 0,82% Spaxs: -0,27% Sprintitaly: 1,24% Telesia: 3,64% TPS: -0,24% Triboo: -11,16% Vei 1: -0,97% Vetrya: 2,82% Visibilia Editore: 31,45% WIIT: 5,38% WM Capital: -3,82% Zephyro: 0,00%