MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week amounted to 38.1 million euros; 37 positive titles with an average of + 2.61%. The FTSE AIM Italia scored + 0.39%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of + 2.09%. The 5 best performances of the week: Prisms: 16.25% (CMG Euro 1.008.024) Bio-on: 9.98% (CMG Euro 3.891.497) Notorious Pictures: 9.79% (CMG Euro 240.395) Frendy Energy: 4.71% (CMG Euro 3.695) Innovatec: 4.11% (CMG Euro 16.931) At sector level * the best performance was recorded by the Chemical sector (+ 10.0%), followed by the Technology sector (+1.0 %) and the Healthcare sector (+ 0.4%). Sector Performance: Chemical: 10.0% (CMG Euro 3.891.497) Technology: 1.0% (CMG Euro 137.983) Healthcare: 0.4% (CMG Euro 77.743) Fashion and Luxury: 0.3% (CMG Euro 11.872 ) Industry: 0.2% (CMG Euro 43.883) Finance: -0.1% (CMG Euro 71.527) Average: -0.2% (CMG Euro 31.318) Renewable Energy and Energy: -0.6% (CMG Euro 33.686) ) Services: -0.9% (CMG Euro 18.846) Food: -1.7% (CMG Euro 211.888) Telecommunications: -3.2% (CMG Euro 30.813) * Sectoral classification by the IR TOP Observatory (www. The main news of the week. Gpi, shareholders approve dividend and transfer to Mta GPI, with headquarters in Trento and over 3,600 employees, was founded in 1988 by Fausto Manzana. Thanks to a cutting-edge technological offer in the field of social health informatics and new hi-tech health services, it is able to grasp the transformation needs and the innovative thrusts of its numerous customers in the public and private sectors. The General Meeting of GPI approved the 2017 financial statements and the distribution of a dividend of € 0.30, with a detachment date of 7 May. The company closed 2017 with € 180 million in revenues (+ 32%), an ebitda increased by 29% to € 25.9 million and a net profit of € 8.2 million (+ 26%). The excess of 21.275 million ebitda has not triggered the assignment of the Remedy Shares. The project for the admission of the shares and warrants (with the ability to request the listing of the ordinary shares on the Star segment) and the Board of Directors composed of seven members was approved: Fausto Manzana (chairman), Sergio Manzana, Dario Manzana, Andrea Mora, Antonio Perricone, Edda Delon and Paolo De Santis (independent directors). Finally, the buy back was renewed, with a duration of 18 months and a maximum of 2.5% of the outstanding capital. Bomi Italia shareholders’ meeting approves financial statements and capital increase Bomi Italia S.p.A., is the holding company of the Bomi Group, a leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of high-tech products for the protection of health. The Bomi shareholders’ meeting approved the 2017 financial statements. At the consolidated level, the company recorded 117.9 million of value of production (+ 17% on 2016), an adjusted ebitda of 11.3 million (+ 29%) and a result net income of € 2.1 million. Elected the new Board (composed of the President Giorgio Ruini and by the directors Marco Ruini, Paolo Colonna, Alessandro Potestà, Stefano Di Meo, Felipe Morgulis, Stefano Camurri, Clelia Leto and Giovanni Battista Donati), the extraordinary assembly approved the proposal of an increase of € 5 million in the option capital and the delegation to the BoD to increase it by a further € 12 million within five years by issuing shares, cvs and warrants. Notorious Pictures, 10.3 mln commissions for the film Lamborghini. Notorious Pictures, operates in the acquisition and marketing of film rights (full rights) through all distribution channels (cinema, home video, pay TV and free tv, new media ), as well as in film production. Notorious Pictures will realise the filming that will take place in Italy of the film ‘Lamborghini’. The contract value is equal to 10.3 million euros: the fee for the executive production activity will be collected for approximately 70% during 2018, the remaining portion in the first quarter of 2019. “With this new agreement for the executive realisation of the film ‘Lamborghini’, further consolidate the position of Notorious Pictures in film production thanks to the recognition of major international players in the sector and the involvement in the project of an international cast of high artistic importance “said Guglielmo Marchetti, president and CEO. Produced by the American Lambofilm Llc under the direction of the Oscar winner Robert Moresco (Crash), the film includes internationally renowned actors including Antonio Banderas. Shooting will begin this year and the film will be released to the public in cinemas during 2019. Spaxs with 98.3% of Interprovincial Bank Spaxs rose to 98.3% of Interprovincial Bank. The agreement with the spac aimed at financial services has in fact joined a further quota of approximately 6.9% of the bank’s share capital. About 78.9% of the share capital should now be purchased in cash for a total consideration of € 44.2 million, approximately 19.4% by conferment and delivery of up to 987,128 newly issued Spaxs shares at a value of 11 euros per share. Finally, the last 1.7% should flow through a corporate integration between the spac and the Interprovincial Bank, which will be implemented later. THE COMPANIES AIM 4AIM SICAF: 0,00% Abitare In: -5,52% Agatos: -0,76% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -2,41% Alkemy: -0,51% Alp.I: 0,00% Ambromobiliare: 0,00% Assiteca : 2,46% axélero: -4,52% BioDue: 1,19% Bio-on: 9,98% Blue Financial Communication: 4,17% Bomi Italia: -1,16% Caleido Group: -2,67% Capital For Progress 2: 0,00% Casta Diva Group: -0,71% CdR Advance Capital: 0,00% Clabo : -0,31% Cover 50: 3,45% Crescita: -0,51% Culti Milano: 1,94% DBA Group: 0,00% DHH: -1,43% Digital Magics: 3,51% Digital360: 0,84% DigiTouch: -3,05% Ecosuntek: -1,47% Elettra Investimenti: 4,29% Energica Motor Company: -1,29% Energy Lab: 0,00% Enertronica: -6,06% EPS Equita PEP: 0,00% Equita Group: 2,74% Expert System: 0,41% Fervi: 0,00% Finlogic: -0,39% Fintel Energia Group: 0,00% First Capital: 1,94% FOPE: -3,65% Frendy Energy: 4,71% Gabelli Value For Italy: -0,50% Gambero Rosso: 4,37% Gel: 2,18% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: 1,94% Glenalta: 0,81% GO Internet: -3,24% GPI: 0,46% Gruppo Green Power: -9,82% Health Italia: 1,41% H-FARM: -1,24% IdeaMI: -0,41% Illa: 0,00% Imvest: -0,74% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: -0,41% Iniziative Bresciane: 0,00% Innova Italy 1: 0,51% Innovatec: 4,41% Italia Independent Group: -0,68% Italian Wine Brands: -1,84% Ki Group: -0,86% Kolinpharma: 1,45% Leone Film Group: -3,76% Life Care Capital: 0,10% Lucisano Media Group: -4,85% MailUp: -3,02% Masi Agricola: 1,36% Modelleria Brambilla: 0,67% Mondo TV France: 0,77% Mondo TV Suisse: 1,42% Neodecortech: -2,50% Net Insurance: -2,91% Neurosoft: -1,74% Notorious Pictures: 9,79% Orsero: -5,63% Pharmanutra: -0,73% Piteco: -0,41% PLT Energia: -1,40% Poligrafici Printing: -0,91% Portale Sardegna: 0,00% Prismi: 16,25% Rosetti Marino: 0,00% S.M.R.E.: -0,22% Safe Bag: 0,21% SCM SIM: -1,54% Sit: 1,40% SITI B&T Group: 0,00% Softec: 0,00% Spactiv: -1,01% Spaxs: 0,12% Sprintitaly: 0,62% Telesia: -1,43% TPS: 2,69% Triboo: 0,46% Vei 1: 0,10% Vetrya: 1,55% Visibilia Editore: -6,23% WIIT: 0,00% WM Capital: -4,02% Zephyro: -1,37%