MILAN ( – The total traded turnover during the week amounted to € 81.2 million; 37 positive shares with an average of + 6.73%. The FTSE AIM Italia scored + 1.12%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of -1.60%. The 5 best performances of the week: Grifal: 57.32% (CMG Euro 1,503,141) Energica Motor Company: 35.17% (CMG Euro 1.716.227) Prismi: 32.80% (CMG Euro 1.298.897) Casta Diva Group: 18.25% (CMG Euro 64.476) Notorious Pictures: 17.42% (CMG Euro 371.311) At sector level * the best performance was recorded by the Chemical sector (+ 10.0% on average), followed by the Industry sector (+ 4.9%) and the Technology sector (+ 2.7%). Chemical Sector Performance: 10.0% (CMG Euro 7.079.205) Industry: 4.9% (CMG Euro 272.387) Technology: 2.7% (CMG Euro 144.591) Average: 1.0% (CMG Euro 86.203) Food: 0.6% (CMG Euro 130.368) Healthcare: -0.1% (CMG Euro 39.271) Services: -0.5% (CMG Euro 62.201) Finance: -0.9% (CMG Euro 49.394) Fashion and Luxury: – 1.1% (CMG Euro 10.581) Telecommunications: -1.5% (CMG Euro 11.818) Renewable Energy and Energy: -1.5% (CMG Euro 14.191) * Sector classification by the IR TOP Research Department (www.pmicapital) .it) The main News of the week Wm Capital, partnership with Copernico WM Capital, specialising in Business Format Franchising, is promoting business growth through the development of franchising systems in Italy and abroad, conferring industrial and operational know-how and offering a qualified and international network. Wm Capital started a collaboration with Copernico to “enhance the visibility of practical models of flexible working”. The partnership provides, in addition to an advertising communication plan in magazine AZ Franchising, for the promotion of the Copernico model for the enhancement and management of spaces dedicated to smart working for entrepreneurs and stakeholders interested in investing in innovative projects. “The creation of smartworking spaces is now a working method used not only by professionals but also by companies, who more and more often structure their offices with more functional solutions for the development of working conditions and for the comfort of workers – comments Fabio Pasquali, president and CEO of Wm Capital – The agreement is important for the evolution of network systems in a new sector for the market and provides for the use of tailor-made contractual methods according to the needs of partners and possible opportunities”. With 14 buildings in Milan, Rome, Turin and Brussels, Copernico manages 60,000 square meters of space, 620 offices, hosts 686 companies and 2,400 professionals who use its environment as a place of work and a place for meetings and events. Portale Sardegna heading towards elite tourism Portale Sardegna was founded in 2001 by a group of young entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting the tourism potential of Sardegna, and in a few years this has become a reality in the online tourism market. Portale Sardegna is announcing a partnership between Charming Sardinia, a portal of the Royal Travel Jet Sardegna network, 51% owned, and Is Molas Resort, aimed at promoting some luxury homes for an elite clientele at an international level. To enrich the new proposal, promoted on, the unmistakable touch of renowned architect Massimiliano Fuksas will be brought in to make the 4 new luxury villas even more exclusive for a range of increasingly sophisticated customers. Royal Travel Jet Sardegna has been operating in online tour operating services for over 10 years with a particular focus on luxury tourism for Italian destinations, such as Sardinia, Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany through the portals www.,, and The clientele is 85% foreign. The recent acquisition of 51% of RTJ by Portale Sardegna will aim to reinforce the reciprocal skills and integrate the Sardegna Portal with a high-class product directed towards the market of luxury tourism; moreover, the highly international profile of Royal Travel Jet’s customers allows us to pursue the strategic objectives of internationalisation and de-seasonalisation. Thanks to the partnership with Is Molas Resort, the group continues to focus on customers oriented towards luxury, and on internationalisation with the search for clients outside national borders. Costamp, shareholders’ meeting approves capital increases for a total of 9.99 million COSTAMP GROUP is a leader in the design, production and sale of molds for automotive components. The Costamp Group shareholders’ meeting approved the 2017 financial statements, resolving to cover the loss for the year, which was 149,498.78 euros, by using the extraordinary reserve, and appointed the Board of Statutory Auditors, who will remain in office until the approval of the 2020 budget. The members will be Paolo Antonio Comuzzi (President), Lucilla Dodesini and Umberto Callegari (effective supervisors), Cristiano Fracassi and Marzia Galli (alternative auditors). The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting approved a double capital increase to be subscribed by the end of the year: the first up to 5 million with the exclusion of the option right to be offered to qualified and institutional investors and a second one, up to 4.99 million euros, to be reserved as an option to the shareholders, with the issue of a maximum of 1,666,333 ordinary shares. “Both capital increases are aimed at providing Costamp Group with the financial resources necessary to implement a growth policy for both internal lines and external lines within its reference market”, explains the company note. PRISMI SpA, is a leading company in the digital marketing sector. Active since 2007, the group currently operates through companies in Italy and Switzerland with 7 offices and more than 300 employees, and is a leader in digital transformation. The Prismi shareholders meeting approved the 2017 financial statements which closed with revenues of 12.3 million euro and an EBITDA increased by 67% to 0.95 million. Two new directors were then appointed, therefore integrating the BoD from five to seven members. The members will be Domenico Lopreiato (graduate in Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, expert in ICT applications and inventor of digital technologies for detecting weather-climate and short-range wireless communication), who will have a specific role for the management of the production sector, and Odoardo Maria Ambroso (who holds managerial positions in the multinational Omnicom Media Group). Finally, as a substitute auditor, Massimo Dovier has been appointed, whose name was taken from the list presented by Tendercapital. Casta Diva Forums makes its debut in New York with an event dedicated to ICO and Blockchain. Casta Diva Group is a multinational company active in the communication sector for the production of branded content, viral videos, digital content, films and live music entertainment. “The World Trade Blockchain Summer Edition” is an event organised in New York by Casta Diva Forums, in which nine companies presented their ICO project to an audience of over 100 investors including business angels, institutional investors, family run offices, fund managers, Hnwi (High Net Worth Individuals) and crypto investors. Alongside the presentations, the agenda of the Forum led by Jane King, Founder and CEO of LilaMax Media provides opportunities for discussions and round tables. “The high number of companies and above all the crowd of investors who participated in our event shows that Casta Diva Forums has now become a key player in the international market for financial events – said Andrea De Micheli and Luca Oddo, President and CEO of Casta Diva Group respectively – We are very pleased to have achieved this result a few months after joining this industry.” Notorious Pictures, commercial agreement with Mediaset Notorious Pictures, an independent company established in July 2012 and based in Milan, operates in acquisition and marketing of film rights, as well as film production. Notorious Pictures has signed a commercial agreement with Mediaset for the exclusive granting of free TV rights for a package of family films including ‘Heidi’ and ‘Nut Job: all very funny’. “We are very satisfied with the agreement signed with Mediaset Rti, one of the major players in the free TV segment, which allows us to strengthen our focus on this market segment – said the president and CEO Guglielmo Marchetti – We hope that this agreement will be a first step for a lasting collaboration that can continue in the coming years and confirm the quality of our reputation”. THE AIM 4AIM SICAF COMPANIES: 0,00% Abitare In: 2,61% Agatos: 3,45% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -10,22% Alkemy: 0,34% Alp.I: -1,71% Ambromobiliare: 0,78% Archimede: -2,80% Assiteca : -2,14% axélero: 0,00% BioDue: 0,80% Bio-on: 9,96% Blue Financial Communication: 13,04% Bomi Italia: 3,05% Caleido Group: -1,37% Capital For Progress 2: -0,51% Casta Diva Group: 18,25% CdR Advance Capital: -4,42% Cellularline: -1,68% Clabo : -4,76% Costamp Group: -4,41% Cover 50: -0,84% Culti Milano: 0,88% DBA Group: -2,63% DHH: -5,84% Digital Magics: -6,35% Digital360: -3,15% DigiTouch: -5,71% Ecosuntek: -4,46% Elettra Investimenti: -2,20% Energica Motor Company: 35,17% Energy Lab: 0,00% Enertronica: 0,88% EPS Equita PEP 2 : -1,35% Equita Group: 1,74% Expert System: -0,40% Fervi: -4,04% Finlogic: 0,00% Fintel Energia Group: 0,00% First Capital: 2,00% FOPE: 0,00% Frendy Energy: 2,34% Gabelli Value For Italy: 1,97% Gambero Rosso: 3,16% Gel: -1,40% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: 0,00% Glenalta: 0,85% GO Internet: -1,48% GPI: -2,60% Grifal: 57,32% Gruppo Green Power: -6,53% Health Italia: -2,47% H-FARM: -1,60% Icf Group: 1,12% IdeaMI: -0,41% Illa: 9,05% Imvest: -3,42% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: 0,62% Iniziative Bresciane: -1,83% Innova Italy 1: 0,00% Innovatec: -10,39% Italia Independent Group: -3,45% Italian Wine Brands: -3,11% Ki Group: 0,00% Kolinpharma: -2,90% Leone Film Group: -3,21% Life Care Capital: -0,02% Lucisano Media Group: 1,38% MailUp: 1,45% Masi Agricola: 3,70% Mondo TV France: -1,65% Mondo TV Suisse: -7,00% Neodecortech: -1,07% Net Insurance: -5,53% Neurosoft: 0,00% Notorious Pictures: 17,42% Orsero: 1,90% Pharmanutra: 3,60% Piteco: -0,42% PLT Energia: 0,72% Poligrafici Printing: 0,00% Portale Sardegna: 2,00% Prismi: 32,80% Rosetti Marino: 0,00% S.M.R.E.: 3,00% Safe Bag: 4,76% SCM SIM: -2,13% Sit: -0,47% SITI B&T Group: -10,39% Softec: 0,00% Somec: -0,44% Spactiv: -0,82% Spaxs: -0,23% Sprintitaly: -1,22% Telesia: -3,51% TPS: 0,00% Triboo: -0,47% Vei 1: 0,51% Vetrya: 0,27% Visibilia Editore: -13,08% WIIT: 2,04% WM Capital: 3,97% Zephyro: 0,00%