MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week was € 119.5 million; 43 positive shares with an average of + 4.50%. The FTSE AIM Italia scored + 2.04%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of + 1.05%. The 5 best performances of the week: Longino & Cardenal: 68.33% (CMG Euro 904.519) Esautomotion: 39.66% (CMG Euro 2.555.639) Imvest: 28.32% (CMG Euro 137.161) BioDue: 20.63% (CMG Euro 477.418) Bio-on: 15.85% (CMG Euro 11.673.036) At sector level * the best performance was recorded by the Chemical sector (+ 15.9% on average), followed by the Food sector (+12%) , 4%) and the Technology sector (+ 4.0%). Chemical Sector Performance: 15.9% (CMG Euro 11.673.036) Food: 12.4% (CMG Euro 260.875) Technology: 4.0% (CMG Euro 333.774) Healthcare: 3.6% (CMG Euro 117.693) Telecommunications: 3.4% (CMG Euro 90.055) Finance: 1.3% (CMG Euro 78.289) Fashion and Luxury: 1.0% (CMG Euro 8.203) Industry: 1.0% (CMG Euro 363.502) Services: 0.1% (CMG Euro 70,343) Renewable Energy and Energy: -0.9% (CMG Euro 26.594) Average: -1.8% (CMG Euro 73.083) * Sector classification by the IR TOP Research Department ( The main News of the week Piteco acquires 56% of Myrios The Piteco Group is an important player in the financial software sector, with an ambitious internationalisation and diversification project through 2 business lines: Piteco SpA and Juniper Payments LLC. Piteco has signed a binding offer for the acquisition of 56% of Myrios srl, company active in the design and implementation of high value software solutions dedicated to the Financial- Banking industry. The company has developed Myrios FM, which is software that supports complex processes and calculations in the Finance and Risk Management areas of industrial and service companies and banks. Founded in Turin in 2010 by Marco Pecetto with 4 other partners, the company presents a very interesting growth trend and generates important margins. In 2017, the value of production amounted to 2.8 million euro, + 27% compared to 2016, with an Ebitda of 1.5 million euros (+ 58% in 2016) and a net profit of 1.1 million euros (+ 68% year on year). The Net Financial Position in 31 December 2017 was positive and equal to 0.5 million euros (0.2 million euros in 31 December 2016). The business model, based on the license of the ‘user fee’ software and on consultancy for methodology and function, guarantees high visibility of revenues due to the already acquired customer portfolio. Fope: 6 months revenues of € 15.3m, + 13% FOPE is an historical Italian goldsmith company founded in Vicenza in 1929, a leading player in the high-end jewelery sector. In the first half of the year, Fope’s consolidated net revenues amounted to € 15.3 million, up 13.3% compared to the same period of 2017. “We record with great satisfaction the commercial result of the first half of 2018, – Diego Nardin, CEO of FOPE – which will lead to further growth in revenues. The figure confirms the initial budget expectations and the growth path which is continually supported by an important development of foreign markets (in particular Europe and America) and by the domestic market, which is also consolidating and increasing it’s position”. Clabo: orders for USD 1 million in the USA. First 6 months of 2018: revenues of more than 30 million euros Clabo SpA, founded in 1958, is an international leader in the catering furnishings sector, specialising in the production and marketing of professional display cases for ice cream parlors, confectioners, bars, cafes and hotels. Howard McCray, a US subsidiary of Clabo, received two orders for a total value of 1 million US dollars from Shell Oil Canada and Boar’s Head. Shell Oil Canada, with Freshii Restaurant, chose HMC as a supplier of new food outlets in Toronto’s Shell service stations for a deal worth over US $ 500,000. Boar’s Head has chosen HMC, confirming a first order for over 400,000 US $. “The American market of big chains – declares Pierluigi Bocchini, Executive President of Clabo – is satisfying us a great deal. HMC is growing at rates of over 20% year on year, as well as Easy Best in the Asian markets. The main European markets are also growing at double figures, with the exception of Italy, which now accounts for less than a third of our total revenues, confirming the international direction of our group. The first half ended with pro-forma consolidated revenues of over 30 million euro, up about 20% on the previous year, a figure that only a few years ago represented Clabo’s annual revenues, and the NFP decreased to 23.3 million euros compared to 25.2 million at the end of March. We are at almost 60% of the 53 million indicated in the business plan for 2018 and we are confident we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves. We are now concentrating on getting the nearly 10 million investments made over the last 18 months and boosting cash generation and profitability.” Zephyro: Edison gains control through Fenice Zephyro is a leading Italian operator in the energy efficiency sector in the supply of integrated energy management solutions for complex structures, in Italy and abroad. Edison S.p.A., through its subsidiary Fenice SpA, finalises the acquisition of 7,007,299 ordinary shares held by Prima Holding S.r.l. of Zephyro S.p.A. (listed on the AIM Italia market following the business combination with Spac GreenItaly1) and appoints new Board of Directors. The members of the new Board of Directors, which will remain in office for three years, are: Piergiuseppe Biandrino, Giovanni Brianza, Didier Calvez, Domenico Catanese (who will continue to hold the office of Chairman of the Board of Directors), Giorgio Colombo, Nicolò Dubini (with the independent requirements pursuant to Article 148 paragraph 3 of the TUF, as referred to in Article 147-ter, paragraph 4, of the TUF), Gianluca Maiolini and Paolo Quaini. The Board appointed Gianluca Maiolini as CEO of the company and responsible for the management and coordination of Fenice for Zephyro. In addition, he convened an extraordinary meeting of the shareholders’ meeting on July 19, for the amendment of the Articles of Association with reference to the identification of the requirements for the office of directors and statutory auditors.
Casta Diva Group, protagonist at the Milan Crypto Summit with BeatBit. Casta Diva Group will participate, on July 10th, at Palazzo Clerici, at MILANO CRYPTO SUMMIT, the first Italian event dedicated to the relationship between cryptotechnologies, business innovation and investment opportunities. The president of the company, Andrea De Micheli, will talk about the BeatBit experience, the first blockchain-based digital music platform, presented at the recent Casta Diva Forum in New York, for the use of high-quality live video in full HD of different concerts, of different musical genres, recorded all around the world. “The 2018-2020 Strategic Plan – explains Andrea De Micheli, president of Casta Diva Group – provides an important focus on the development of financial events with the brand CASTA DIVA FORUMS: our debut was in New York on 29th June with ‘The World Trade Blockchain Summer Edition’, during which particular interest was generated for the ICO Beatbit. Our group has always stood out for its ability to revolutionise the conventional rules of communication: this is why I am pleased to present this case history, which also includes a collaboration between Blue Note and BeatBit, and which could revolutionise the use of music content linked to live music world”.
WM Capital, shareholders’ meeting approves 2017 financial statements WM Capital, specialised in Business Format Franchising, promotes business growth through the development of franchising systems in Italy and abroad, conferring industrial and operational know-how and providing a qualified network international. The shareholders’ meeting of WM Capital approves the 2017 Financial Statements. The value of production, at the consolidated level, is up compared to 2016 and went from 1.55 million euro to 1.59 million. Ebitda stood at € 0.47 million, it was € 0.20 million in 2016. EBIT is € 0.11 million (-0.24 million in 2016). The net result is negative: -0.06 million euros, in 2016 it was -0.20 million. The consolidated net financial position is negative with 0.27 million euros. In December 31, 2016, it was negative with 0.30 million euros. Furthermore, the shareholders’ meeting resolved to allocate the profit for the year, amounting to 0.04 million euros, to the legal reserve. Prismi: Gianluca Palmieri new CFO and head of M & A PRISMI SpA, is a leading company in the digital marketing sector and active since 2007. It is currently operating through Group companies in Italy and Switzerland and has 7 offices, over 300 employees, including trade, and is a leader in digital transformation. Gianluca Palmieri is the new CFO of Prismi, as well as Head of M & A. Having graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Modena in 1998, he became controller at leading industrial companies in Emilia and Finance Administration Director of an important multinational company. “The arrival of Gianluca – states Alessandro Reggiani, CEO of Prismi – is a consequence of the rapid growth under way in our group; a growth maintained mainly by internal lines, but also by virtue of the acquisitions that took place in the second part of last year, together with the simultaneous process of rationalisation of all our holdings. Prismi intends to continue to strengthen the strong domestic growth under way also with further acquisitions”. “We believe that a figure like Gianluca Palmieri, – adds Reggiani – by strengthening the entire central structure of the group, would necessarily guarantee the orderly execution and the best integration of these processes, notwithstanding a careful analysis of market opportunities and all possible synergies, operational and strategic”. THE AIM COMPANIES: 4AIM SICAF: -3,70% Abitare In: 0,64% Agatos: -4,17% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: 4,44% Alkemy: -2,73% Alp.I: 0,00% Ambromobiliare: -1,55% Archimede: -0,46% Assiteca : 1,82% axélero: 0,00% BioDue: 20,63% Bio-on: 15,85% Blue Financial Communication: 7,69% Bomi Italia: -7,69% Caleido Group: -2,08% Capital For Progress 2: 0,51% Casta Diva Group: -6,17% CdR Advance Capital: 0,20% Cellularline: -1,14% Clabo : 1,17% Costamp Group: -7,69% Cover 50: 1,05% Culti Milano: 0,00% DBA Group: -2,16% DHH: -4,65% Digital Magics: -1,98% Digital360: -2,33% DigiTouch: -1,52% Ecosuntek: -1,56% Elettra Investimenti: -2,86% Energica Motor Company: 14,03% Energy Lab: 0,00% Enertronica: -3,51% EPS Equita PEP 2 : 0,52% Equita Group: 0,47% Esautomotion: 39,66% Expert System: 1,20% Fervi: -3,85% Finlogic: 0,00% Fintel Energia Group: 0,00% First Capital: -0,98% FOPE: 5,34% Frendy Energy: 13,23% Gabelli Value For Italy: 0,10% Gambero Rosso: -3,88% Gel: 1,90% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: -3,30% Glenalta: 1,06% GO Internet: 3,37% GPI: 1,44% Grifal: 5,81% Gruppo Green Power: -3,23% Health Italia: -0,63% H-FARM: 8,11% Icf Group: -4,44% IdeaMI: -0,21% Illa: -0,87% Imvest: 28,32% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: -0,62% Iniziative Bresciane: 0,00% Innova Italy 1: 0,99% Innovatec: -10,34% Italia Independent Group: 0,77% Italian Wine Brands: -0,80% Ki Group: -3,54% Kolinpharma: 3,73% Leone Film Group: 2,90% Life Care Capital: 0,05% Longino & Cardenal: 68,33% Lucisano Media Group: -0,90% MailUp: 5,24% Masi Agricola: 0,00% Mondo TV France: -4,76% Mondo TV Suisse: -2,15% Neodecortech: 0,00% Net Insurance: -2,93% Neurosoft: -0,87% Notorious Pictures: -6,87% Orsero: -2,13% Pharmanutra: 4,17% Piteco: -2,55% PLT Energia: -0,36% Poligrafici Printing: 2,23% Portale Sardegna: -1,31% Prismi: 11,34% Rosetti Marino: 0,00% S.M.R.E.: -2,91% Safe Bag: -2,27% SCM SIM: 2,17% Sit: 3,29% SITI B&T Group: 8,41% Softec: 0,00% Somec: 1,62% Spactiv: 0,21% Spaxs: -0,21% Sprintitaly: 0,00% Telesia: -5,09% TPS: 3,33% Vei 1: 0,00% Vetrya: 1,37% Visibilia Editore: -4,30% WIIT: 0,40% WM Capital: 0,69% Zephyro: 1,49%