The total traded turnover during the week is € 40.7 million; 27 stocks closed with a positive price with an average of + 1.71%. The FTSE AIM Italia scored -0.39%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All, posted a performance of -4.55%. The 5 best performances of the week: Energy Lab: 4.80% (CMG Euro 6.224) SCM SIM: 4.35% (CMG Euro 1.140) axélero: 4.11% (CMG Euro 13.349) DHH: 3.68% (CMG Euro 18.491) CdR Advance Capital: 2.91% (CMG Euro 21.733) At sector level * the best performance was recorded by the Chemical sector (+ 1.3%). Chemical Sector Performance: 1.3% (CMG Euro 1.834.877) Technology: -0.2% (CMG Euro 86.743) Food: -0.5% (CMG Euro 201.461) Finance: -0.6% (CMG Euro 96.375 ) Healthcare: -1.0% (CMG Euro 41.126) Services: -2.2% (CMG Euro 61.026) Industry: -3.2% (CMG Euro 55.230) Renewable Energy and Energy: -3.4% (CMG Euro 41.634) Fashion and Luxury: -3.6% (CMG Euro 16.957) Average: -4.1% (CMG Euro 25.325) Telecommunications: -6.8% (CMG Euro 49.654) * Sectoral classification by the IR TOP Research Department. The main News of the week: Piteco presents a request for passage to Mta The Piteco Group is an important player in the financial software sector, with an ambitious internationalisation and diversification project led by 2 business lines: Piteco SpA and Juniper Payments LLC. Piteco has submitted an application for admission to the Italian Stock Exchange for its ordinary shares and convertible bonds. Banca Akros and Advance Sim will act as Sponsor. The Italian software house of the AIM has already filed the prospectus with Consob. Prismi, production value + 22% in 2017 to 15 million PRISMI SpA, is a leading company in the digital marketing sector, active since 2007, which currently operates, through group companies, in Italy and Switzerland, and has 7 offices and over 300 employees, and is a leader in digital transformation. In 2017 the Prismi group produced 15 million euros worth of production, 22% more than the 12.3 million of 2016. Ebitda grew by 67% to 0.95 million, while the net result was negative with 3.4 million (in the red with 3.1 million in 2016). The net financial position is negative with 19.1 million. “2017 marks the end of the turnaround started in 2015 – explained Alessandro Reggiani, president and CEO of Prismi – The increase in sales started in the last semester of 2017 is continuing also in the first months of 2018: the gross operating data referring to the sales as of 30 April 2018 shows a strong increase in the same period of 2017 (+ 73%) and a result higher than the industrial plan approved at the beginning of the year (+ 11%), which foresees the return to profit as early as 2018. 2017 has seen numerous extraordinary transactions that have allowed a re-organisation of the group with a clear proposition for the market: on the one hand, a strong growth for Prismi, that oversees the SME segment, through its network of agents both quantitatively and qualitatively, and on the other the new ‘Wellnet’, which offers Digital Transformation services to the market of medium-large companies and public administration”. Elettra Investimenti will subscribe to the capital increase of LVenture Elettra Investimenti, an industrial holding operating in Italy in the sector of electricity and heat production using the Distributed Generation approach, and in energy efficiency. Elettra Investimenti will subscribe a share in the next reserved capital increase of the LVenture Group, destined for a pool of strategic investors and set at a maximum of 1.166 million euro. The renewable energy and energy efficiency company, by 20 May, will assign new shares at € 0.62 for a maximum amount of € 80.000. Notorious Pictures buys seven films at the Cannes Film Festival Notorious Pictures, an independent company established in July 2012 with headquarters in Milan, operates in the acquisition and marketing of film rights (full rights) through all distribution channels, as well as in film production. During the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Notorious Pictures acquired seven new cinematographic works. The seven films are Judy (directed by Rupert Goold, with Renée Zelweeger), A Private War (directed by Matthew Heineman, with Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan, Stanley Tucci), Five Feet Apart (directed by Justin Baldoni, with Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias), Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (written and produced by Guillermo del Toro, directed by André Øvreda), Dog Days (directed by Ken Marino, with Eva Longoria, Vanessa Hudgens, Finn Wolfhard, Nina Dobrev, Adam Pally), Terra Willy (directed by Eric Tosti) and finally a thriller with Liam Neeson directed by Tarik Saleh (Charlie Johnson in the Flames, the original title). Icf Group, first business collaboration of 2018 ICF Group is the result of the business combination between EPS EQUITA PEP SPAC S.p.A. (“EPS”), which changed its name to ICF Group S.p.A. in May 14, 2018, and Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. (“ICF”), of which the ICF Group controls 100%. Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. is a reference operator in the sector of design, production and marketing of high-tech adhesives and fabrics. The ICF Group on AIM Italia. This is not an IPO, but the first business combination of the year. Industrie Chimiche Forestali, a company in Italy that produces and exports all over the world technical products to glue and reinforce footwear, leather goods of all kinds and industrial products, has in fact landed on the SME list after the merger with the spac Eps Equita Pep. Investor Presentation of Costamp Group, in Milan on May 24th CoStamp Group, which comes from the business combination between Co.Stamp Tools and Modelleria Brambilla, is presented to investors. “Business model and growth strategy” is the theme of the event organised by IR Top Consulting and Invest Banca which will be held next May 24 in Milan (Armani Hotel Milano – Via Alessandro Manzoni, 31) starting from 11.30. Matteo Pontello (Head of Investment Banking Invest Bank), Gabriele Bonfiglioli (Managing Director Low Pressure Division), Marco Corti (Chairman and CEO) and Michele Tombini (Sales Manager) will speak. THE AIM COMPANIES: 4AIM SICAF: -3,92% Abitare In: -1,29% Agatos: -3,70% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: 1,63% Alkemy: -0,17% Alp.I: 1,01% Ambromobiliare: -3,80% Assiteca : -6,12% axélero: 4,11% BioDue: 0,00% Bio-on: 1,28% Blue Financial Communication: -6,54% Bomi Italia: -3,63% Caleido Group: 0,65% Capital For Progress 2: 0,00% Casta Diva Group: -2,23% CdR Advance Capital: 2,91% Clabo : -1,98% Cover 50: -9,42% Crescita: 0,52% Culti Milano: -4,00% DBA Group: -4,80% DHH: 3,68% Digital Magics: -1,32% Digital360: -2,86% DigiTouch: -3,42% Ecosuntek: -2,98% Elettra Investimenti: -1,37% Energica Motor Company: -2,28% Energy Lab: 4,80% Enertronica: -0,40% EPS Equita PEP 2 : 1,30% Equita Group: 1,58% Expert System: 0,77% Fervi: 1,33% Finlogic: -1,19% Fintel Energia Group: 1,25% First Capital: -1,96% FOPE: 0,00% Frendy Energy: -11,57% Gabelli Value For Italy: 1,01% Gambero Rosso: -4,67% Gel: -8,12% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: -4,67% Glenalta: -0,20% GO Internet: -6,85% GPI: -1,92% Gruppo Green Power: -20,26% Health Italia: -2,41% H-FARM: -3,06% Icf Group: -2,00% IdeaMI: 0,00% Illa: -9,87% Imvest: 0,38% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: 0,00% Iniziative Bresciane: -6,73% Innova Italy 1: 0,00% Innovatec: -2,18% Italia Independent Group: -0,46% Italian Wine Brands: 2,69% Ki Group: -3,67% Kolinpharma: 0,37% Leone Film Group: -2,42% Life Care Capital: -0,21% Lucisano Media Group: 2,19% MailUp: -3,46% Masi Agricola: -2,04% Modelleria Brambilla: 0,00% Mondo TV France: -2,78% Mondo TV Suisse: -2,78% Neodecortech: -3,06% Net Insurance: -4,71% Neurosoft: -0,87% Notorious Pictures: -4,68% Orsero: 1,16% Pharmanutra: 1,51% Piteco: 2,08% PLT Energia: -0,36% Poligrafici Printing: -10,56% Portale Sardegna: -1,32% Prismi: -1,47% Rosetti Marino: 1,12% S.M.R.E.: -7,72% Safe Bag: -1,37% SCM SIM: 4,35% Sit: 0,00% SITI B&T Group: -6,55% Softec: 0,00% Somec: -1,68% Spactiv: -0,21% Spaxs: -0,21% Sprintitaly: -0,61% Telesia: -4,11% TPS: -2,81% Triboo: -5,71% Vei 1: 0,12% Vetrya: -1,28% Visibilia Editore: -15,71% WIIT: 0,20% WM Capital: -7,55% Zephyro: 2,22%