MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week was € 60.8 million; 55 positive shares with an average of + 5.22%. The FTSE AIM Italia scored + 1.97%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All recorded a performance of + 2.47%. The 5 best performances of the week: Visibilia Editore: 33.44% (CMG Euro 211.774) Triboo: 32.24% (CMG Euro 513.432) Safe Bag: 25.46% (CMG Euro 349.912) Bio-on: 18.40% (CMG Euro 7,384,565) Assiteca: 15.64% (CMG Euro 37.516) At sector level * the best performance was recorded by the Chemical sector (+ 18.4% on average), followed by the Media sector (+4.1%) %) and from the Services sector (+ 3.3%). Chemical Sector Performance: 18.4% (CMG Euro 7.384.565) Average: 4.1% (CMG Euro 70.377) Services: 3.3% (CMG Euro 95.696) Telecommunications: 3.0% (CMG Euro 8.602) Technology: 2.9% (CMG Euro 45.831) Food: 2.3% (CMG Euro 56.838) Finance: 1.3% (CMG Euro 38.331) Industry: 0.7% (CMG Euro 82.994) Energy and Renewable Energies: 0.6 % (CMG Euro 20.480) Healthcare: 0.5% (CMG Euro 20.106) Fashion and Luxury: 0.0% (CMG Euro 16.125) * Sector classification by the IR TOP Research Department ( The main News of the week Bomi Group reduces CO2 emissions Bomi Italia SpA is the holding company of the Bomi Group, a leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of high technology products for health protection. Bomi Italia announces the purchase of the first two vehicles using natural gas that will be used to carry out temperature controlled deliveries in the urban areas of Rome and Milan. The two new IVECO Daily HI-MATIC Natural Power vans will be added to the Bomi Health Carrier fleet, which in Italy consists of over 70 insulated and refrigerated properties, and are ready to deliver to pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories and home patients. CNG technology has been chosen by the company for its numerous sustainability advantages: it uses the same performance levels, less engine noise and lower CO² emissions in the atmosphere (-76% of particle matter compared to a diesel engine) ), an element of crucial importance for the Bomi Group that has been working within the Health Sector for over 30 years. The project has just started but the idea is to quickly expand the number of CNG vehicles in the Italian territory with the purchase of new vans for urban areas within Turin, Bologna, Florence, Naples and Bari. And particularly in locations where there are regional Bomi Hubs or other important correspondent platforms. With a view to always taking into consideration issues related to environmental sustainability, the Bomi Group has just renewed the company fleet through a collaboration with the Bonera Group of Brescia, moving from diesel engines to hybrid technology. After a careful analysis of the options available, the choice fell on the Toyota Hybrid brand that allows low CO² emissions, quiet and environmentally friendly driving, higher traffic safety standards, as well as an economic advantage in terms of fuel expenditure. The sustainability project, started in Italy at the Bomi headquarters, will be destined to extend into the main channels with the aim of replacing all company cars by December 2019. Easy Best (Clabo) obtains certified supplier status from Starbucks Clabo SpA, founded in 1958 and international leader in the catering furnishings sector, specialises in the production and marketing of professional display cases for ice cream parlours, confectioners, bars, cafes and hotels. The Chinese subsidiary of Clabo, Easy Best, has obtained the certified supplier status by Starbucks, being among the potential suppliers of the US chain boasting over 28.000 coffee shops worldwide. “We have been working with the Asian Starbucks staff for over a year and being back on the list of certified suppliers opens up very interesting prospects – says Clabo president Pierluigi Bocchini – At the moment we are talking with Starbucks Asia, where most likely the commercial development of the new product will start”. Meanwhile, by next 15th June, Clabo warrants will close the third exercise period, which will allow a subscription of new shares at a price of 3.14 euros per share. PRISMS: acquired the total participation of InGrandiMenti PRISMI S.p.A. is a leading company in the digital marketing sector, active since 2007 and currently operating in Italy and Switzerland with 7 offices and over 300 employees, including the trade, and is a leader in digital transformation . PRISMI has acquired the entire shareholding in InGrandiMenti s.r.l., a subsidiary of the PRISMI Group, with headquarters in Legnano (MI) and specialised in the training of the sales navigator Linkedin. The operation, which has meant that PRISMI has increased its shareholding from 51% to 100%, is part of the group’s growth and strengthening program launched last year. The operation took place as a result of the signing of a recapitalisation carried out in the context of the losses that were made as of March 31, 2018 and losses carried forward for the year 2017 for approximately Euro 72.000. PRISMI today paid 55.000 euros, adding to the 45.000 euros paid on April 4, as payment for the capital increase, intended to cover losses and a replenishment of capital. As a result of the payments, the share capital of InGrandiMenti was reinstated at € 10.000 and reserves were set aside for future capital increases of € 38.000. The founding partner, Enrico Piacentini, will maintain his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors and an active manager engaged in the front line of the strategic development of the company. Elettronica Santerno (Enertronica), finalised contracts in Spain and plants financed in Namibia Enertronica, a company founded in 2005, operates in the renewable energy, energy saving (ESCo) sector and in the design and production of electromechanical systems. Elettronica Santerno, a subsidiary of Enertronica, has signed two contracts for the supply of over 200 MW of photovoltaic inverters in Spain. The contract, worth around 10 million euros, was brought forward from August 2017. In addition to photovoltaic inverters and transformers, it includes all the control information systems such as SCADA and Power Plant Controller. Within the scope of its BOT (Built Operate and Transfer) activities of photovoltaic plants, the Namibian vehicle Sertum Energy has obtained the first loan associated with the photovoltaic plant, called Trekkopie, for a total amount of 100 million Namibian dollars (equal to about 6.4 million euros). Moreover, in relation to the second Namibian plant, called Okatope, the disbursement of an additional 100 million Namibian dollars (already approved) in favour of the Unisun Energy vehicle is expected by the end of June. For both vehicles, a binding preliminary sale had already been concluded, as per the previous press release of 6 July 2017. The loans obtained are the sole responsibility of the Namibian vehicles and will therefore have no effect on the group’s debt position but will allow repayment of credits for a total of around 10 million euros, relating to construction costs in turn-key mode carried out by the subsidiary Enertronica Costruction Namibia. The conclusion of the financing process has actively involved the group’s South African branch and represents an important milestone of the 2018-22 business plan in terms of the potential of the business model. THE AIM 4AIM SICAF COMPANIES: 0,00% Abitare In: 1,28% Agatos: 0,00% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -4,38% Alkemy: 11,13% Alp.I: 1,07% Ambromobiliare: 2,04% Archimede: -2,51% Assiteca : 15,64% axélero: 0,00% BioDue: -2,69% Bio-on: 18,40% Blue Financial Communication: 5,71% Bomi Italia: 0,63% Caleido Group: 0,00% Capital For Progress 2: -0,51% Casta Diva Group: 4,01% CdR Advance Capital: -0,50% Cellularline: -3,19% Clabo : 2,95% Costamp Group: 7,94% Cover 50: 1,65% Culti Milano: -0,22% DBA Group: 11,01% DHH: 7,14% Digital Magics: 1,36% Digital360: -2,56% DigiTouch: -1,03% Ecosuntek: -5,75% Elettra Investimenti: 1,87% Energica Motor Company: 1,37% Energy Lab: 0,00% Enertronica: 7,27% EPS Equita PEP 2 : -0,93% Equita Group: 2,94% Expert System: 4,24% Fervi: -4,00% Finlogic: -0,37% Fintel Energia Group: -0,71% First Capital: 0,96% FOPE: 0,77% Frendy Energy: 1,83% Gabelli Value For Italy: 0,00% Gambero Rosso: -3,61% Gel: -5,29% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: -1,10% Glenalta: 0,65% GO Internet: 3,03% GPI: 0,50% Grifal: -5,12% Gruppo Green Power: 8,81% Health Italia: 3,59% H-FARM: 3,67% Icf Group: -1,52% IdeaMI: -0,62% Illa: 8,43% Imvest: 0,00% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: -0,41% Iniziative Bresciane: 0,93% Innova Italy 1: 0,51% Innovatec: -8,72% Italia Independent Group: -1,23% Italian Wine Brands: -1,15% Ki Group: 6,60% Kolinpharma: 0,70% Leone Film Group: -1,96% Life Care Capital: -0,05% Lucisano Media Group: -3,60% MailUp: 0,48% Masi Agricola: 2,62% Mondo TV France: 0,00% Mondo TV Suisse: -1,80% Neodecortech: -2,76% Net Insurance: 5,83% Neurosoft: 0,88% Notorious Pictures: -0,33% Orsero: 1,31% Pharmanutra: 0,00% Piteco: 1,30% PLT Energia: 1,79% Poligrafici Printing: 8,40% Portale Sardegna: -0,67% Prismi: 2,41% Rosetti Marino: 2,09% S.M.R.E.: 5,39% Safe Bag: 25,46% SCM SIM: 2,17% Sit: 3,92% SITI B&T Group: 0,24% Softec: -0,71% Somec: 0,62% Spactiv: 0,00% Spaxs: -0,05% Sprintitaly: -0,21% Telesia: -6,78% TPS: -0,94% Triboo: 32,24% Vei 1: 0,95% Vetrya: 3,81% Visibilia Editore: 33,44% WIIT: 1,09% WM Capital: -7,10% Zephyro: 0,00%