MILAN ( – Meeting in Turin on May 17th. IR Top Consulting in partnership with PMI Capital, SME Growth Platform AIM Italy, and Directa SIM, organises the event ‘Small Cap Retail Roadshows – Professional & Private Investors meet the PIR listed companies”. The meeting, which will take place at the Directa SIM headquarters in Via Buozzi 5, will begin at 10.00. Stefano Achermann (CEO Be), Massimiliano Cossu (CEO Portale Sardegna), Andrea De Micheli (CEO Casta Diva Group), Antonello Sanna (CEO Scm Sim), Alessandro Rosso (CEO Tps), Diego Nardin (CEO Fope), Guido Ferretti (CEO Caleffi). The event will be broadcast live on and on To participate in the room you must register on the following link.