MILANO ( – SIT has received the resignation of Stefania Bariatti for the position of independent director, who has resigned for supervening professional commitments. Bariatti was also a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and Chairwoman of the Related Party Committee. The Board of Directors appointed Bettina Campedelli and Antonio Campo Dall’Orto for co-opting as new directors, replacing Bariatti and Fulvio Camilli, who resigned as CEO on 7th August. Campedelli gained experience in the academic and scientific fields of economic and business management, as well as in the field of corporate governance. Antonio Campo Dall’Orto gained significant skills in Digital Transformation and innovation in the management of ‘media’ companies, and was also a member of the Board of Directors which established Poste Italiane’s entry path into the Stock Exchange. The Board of Directors of SIT also established a new composition of the Related Parties Committee, the Control and Risk Committee and the Remuneration Committee, also in view of the company’s listing on the MTA.