MILANO ( – “As Bomi Group we operate in a protected niche. On the regulatory level, for logistics and biomedical transport, specific authorisations are required and there are regulations that require minimum standards of service; secondly, the market selects operators who have adequate infrastructure and a multinational presence. In addition, on our part, we can offer a service and a production process built exclusively for this sector”. Marco Ruini, CEO of Bomi Group, a leading company in the field of biomedical logistics and the management of high-tech products for the protection of health, listed on AIM. The capital increase ended successfully. What are the future perspectives? The first tranche of the capital increase is at the service of the M & A strategy that we have adopted and which we will continue to adopt in the countries in which we are already present, also to further consolidate market synergies. The delegation that we asked for at the shareholders’ meeting, of a capital increase of up to 12 million euros will be used if and when we are going to identify a target company that can change the group’s perimeter significantly. An operation of a transformative nature, which opens up new markets for us. What kind of markets? For example, a new relevant market, such as the United States, or a special service that connects our core business and with which we are not involved in at the moment. This is the basic concept that we would like to develop in the coming years. The free float is around 40% of capital now: are you waiting for this extraordinary operation or are you already moving towards the MT? Strategically we would like to do it at or after the extraordinary transaction. As for the various operations you have in mind, do you already have any dossiers? In these years we have worked with an approach very similar to private equity, with large dossiers on many companies of interest. On “small” operations, at what point are you? And where are you going? We will continue in those countries where we are already present, with the aim of obtaining operational synergies and integrating them with the companies we already have on board, in order to make integration easier and more effective. Latin America is worth around half of your consolidation, while the presence in Asia-Pacific remains very limited … We have been in Latin America for almost twenty years and we will develop in Asia, but we have also just arrived. In China, we landed in 2016 and in the rest of APAC we founded joint ventures at the end of last year. At this moment we started in China operationally and we are soon counting on starting the rest soon after. These are the areas that are most likely to grow from the market point of view, so we aim to participate in it. Are you also considering extraordinary operations in this area? Here it is less probable. Let’s say that with regard to acquisitions we are looking more in Europe, Latin America and North America. You gave a dividend in 2016, but put in perspective, looking at your overall plans, this does not seem to be a priority … This year the result would have allowed for a dividend, but since it would have been detached on the occasion of the capital increase it seemed inconsistent. For the future we will see as it will depend on the business dynamics. What is your opinion of the AIM market? The experience was certainly positive, as it allowed us to adopt a new and winning strategy. In the first period of listing there were obvious liquidity problems, then resolved with the advent of the Pir. The market remains very interesting and important, a natural outlet for Italian SME’s interested in developing. An excellent formula for growing Italian companies. It allowed us to gather resources, but it also forced us to be self-disciplined at the level of governance and in the processes that have a strong added value in the medium term.