MILANO ( – The Prismi group in 2017 produced 15 million euros worth of production, 22% more than the 12.3 million in 2016. Ebitda grew by 67% to 0.95 million, while the overall result is negative with 3.4 million (in the red with 3.1 million in 2016). The net financial position is negative with 19.1 million. “2017 marks the end of a turnaround which started in 2015 – explained Alessandro Reggiani, president and CEO of Prismi – The increase in sales started in the last semester of 2017 is continuing into the first months of 2018: the gross operating data referring to the sales of 30 April 2018 show a strong increase in the same period of 2017 (+ 73%) and a result higher than the industrial plan that was approved at the beginning of the year (+ 11%) which foresaw the return to profit as early as 2018. 2017 saw numerous extraordinary transactions taking place that have allowed a re-organisation of the group with a clear proposition towards the market: on the one hand, a strong growth for Prismi through its network of agents, both in terms of quantitative and qualitative, and on the other, through Wellnet, which offers Digital Transformation services to the market of medium-large companies and public administration”.