MILAN ( – Fidentiis has launched the coverage on Prismi with a Buy recommendation and a target price in the range of 2 – 2.2 euros per share. With an upside of 27% on current prices. “The recent restructuring should lead to a significant increase in results from 2018 both in terms of revenues and profitability and the reduction of non-performing customers. The expectations by Fidentiis analysts are 16.8 million euros in revenues for this year, with 2.5 million ebitda, while next year revenues should rise to 20.4 million with 4.6 million ebitda and a net profit of 0.2 million. Finally, in 2020, forecasts indicate 24.7 million euros of revenues, 6.1 of ebitda and 1.3 of net profits, therefore the title will be 8.3 times the amount expected for 2019 and 6.3 times that estimated for the 2020 results.