MILANO ( – PRISMI has acquired the entire shareholding in InGrandiMenti s.r.l., a subsidiary of the PRISMI Group based in Legnano (MI) and specialised in the formation of Linkedin sales navigator. The operation, with which PRISMI has increased its shareholding from 51% to 100%, is part of the group’s growth and strengthening program launched last year. The operation took place as a result of the recapitalisation carried out due to the incurrence of losses made in March 31, 2018 and losses carried forward from the year 2017 for approximately Euro 72.000. PRISMI today paid 55.000 euros, which are added from the 45.000 euros paid on 4 April as a payment on the future capital increase account, intended to cover losses and replenishment of capital. As a result of the payments, the share capital of InGrandiMenti was reinstated at € 10 thousand and reserves were set aside for future capital increases for € 38 thousand. The founding partner, Enrico Piacentini, will maintain his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors and an active manager engaged in the front line in the strategic development of the company.