MILAN ( – Portale Sardinia is organising the 3rd Edition of the MEET Forum (Mediterranean European Economic Tourism Forum), scheduled for October 18th to 19th in the Regional Natural Park of the Oasi di Tepilora. The event is aimed at representatives of local communities, operators, financial intermediaries, air and naval carriers who will be protagonists during the events of the MEET Forum. On October 18th, experts will take part in discussions on key issues of tourism development for the Mediterranean areas: Ports and Airports as territorial hubs of tourism development; Benchmark Destination (a comparison between the various destinations); New Tourism for New Seasons (how to lengthen the tourist season). The summary of the events will be illustrated during the Final Conference. The key day of the 2018 MEET Forum is the second in the course of the ‘Great Laboratory of Tourism’ where 250 sector operators will have the opportunity to follow 17 highly intensive training seminars. In the afternoon of October 19th and at the opening of the Final Conference the President of the Region of Sardinia Mr Francesco Pigliaru will speak. The event will include the participation, among others, of Barbara Argiolas, Regional Minister for Tourism of the Sardinian Region, Massimiliano Cossu, CEO and Founder of Portale Sardinia, Jean Pierre Lozato Giotart, of the University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle.