MILAN ( – Portale Sardegna has launched “Goceano, a world of wool and archeology”, a project promoting the activities in Goceano, a historical region of central-northern Sardinia and linked to the production, the spinning and wool processing. The presentation will be held at the headquarters of Portale Sardegna in Nuoro (via La Marmora 55), Wednesday 30 May at 10.30: Massimiliano Cossu (CEO of Portale Sardegna), Amedeo Bianchi (Group & Event Manager of Portale Sardegna), Vincenzo Cosseddu ( President of the Mountain Community of Goceano) and Bachisio Falchi (Councilor of Agriculture). The idea has arisen from the need to exploit the economic fabric of the territory by engaging with the desire and curiosity of tourists, who will be able to experience for themselves the production of typical products through agro-pastoral companies, and at the same time to actively participate.