MILAN ( – Pmi Capital, the AIM Italia Investors Club, is organising, with some companies already listed on the PMI list at Piazza Affari, a meeting entitled ‘Le Aim virtuose: 2017 results and strategic development’. The event, which will be held next May 8 in Milan at the GrandHotel et de Milan (Via Manzoni, 29) starting at 10.30, will be introduced by Anna Lambiase, CEO of Ir Top Consulting, which will give an overview of the AIM market and the advantages of listing. Subsequently, eight directors of as many listed companies will present their testimony, also illustrating the strategies of the companies in light of the results achieved in 2017. They will be: Andrea de Micheli (Casta Diva Group), Vito Nardi (Enertronica), Alessandro Rosso (Tps), Andrea Rangone (Digital 360), Marco Ruini (Bomi Group), Antonello Sanna (Scm Sim), Alfio Bardolla (Alfio Bardolla Training Group), Massimiliano Cossu (Portal Sardinia).