MILANO ( – Piteco will integrate its own Evolution product with the Mastercard virtual credit card generation platform by AirPlus, part of the Lufthansa group specialised in providing innovative solutions for corporate payments. The new integrated platform will allow client companies to be able to provide punctual credit to the supplier, taking advantage of an additional expense ceiling without modifying the amount of the agreed invoices. In Italy, in 2016, according to an analysis by Kaiser Associates and a Euromonitor study, the value of B2B payments with a potential propensity to switch from traditional forms of payment to credit cards is around 512 billion euro compared to the volume of the market already on credit cards, which is about 15 billion. “The introduction of different payment solutions makes it necessary to have a Treasury Management System able to guarantee a correct implementation of the new paradigms spreading on the market – said Paolo Virenti, CEO of Piteco – We have contributed to creating a unique and at the same time highly innovative product that arises from our customer’s needs to benefit from non-traditional B2B payment solutions and at the same time operate through controlled, tracked and increasingly automated authorisation flows”.