MILAN ( – The shareholders’ meeting of Notorious Pictures approved the 2017 financial statements which closed with 18.1 million euros in revenues (23 million in 2016), 6 million euros in EBITDA (6.6 years a year earlier) and 1.5 million net profit (2.8 in 2016). The net financial position is positive with 6.2 million euros. The approved dividend is 0.0543 euros per share, with a detachment date of 7 May: the pay out ratio is 42.5%, in line with the dividend distribution policy set by the company. The assembly then appointed the Board of Directors that will remain in office for the three-year period 2018-2020: Guglielmo Marchetti (president and CEO), Ugo Girardi (vice president), Stefano Di Giuseppe, Leonardo Pagni, Davide Rossi (independent director). Guglielmo Marchetti is the main shareholder in the film production and distribution company with 82.03% of the share capital.