MILANO ( – According to data provided by New Line, a Federsalus partner, Kolinpharma is fifth in Italy among nutraceutical companies, for revenue growth in 2017, with +64.5 percent and a turnover of 4,1 million euros, which puts it in 116th place among the +2,000 companies in the Italian nutraceutical market. “We are very satisfied with the result achieved – says Emanuele Lusenti, CEO of Kolinpharma – which allows us to get to the top positions in the sector in Italy for future growth. It is a sign that this informative action and the strong component of innovation that characterises our business, to which Kolinpharma has been inspired since its recent birth, is starting to bring the first tangible result, pushing us to work even further in this direction”. The company also won the ‘Innodriver’ call for tenders from the Lombardy Region for the funding of scientific research for a value of over €40.000.