MILANO ( – The Ki Group Board of Directors have acknowledged the result of the share capital increase offered as an option to shareholders up to a maximum of 996,984 euros decided during the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting at the end of July. During the offer period (10th-28th September), 2,519,750 option rights were exercised and 251,975 new shares were subscribed, for a total value of €453,555. The two shareholders of reference, Bioera and Idea Team, have subscribed new shares for a total amount of 95.7% of the total number of new shares subscribed. 40 shares were requested in advance. It follows that the share capital of Ki Group will amount to € 710,089 divided into 5,840,815 shares with no nominal value. The Board also appointed Giuseppe Dossena, as of October 16th, 2018, in the role of Managing Director of the company.