MILAN ( – The Board of Directors of GPI have taken certain resolutions related to the planned transition from the AIM market to MTA. They have appointed Edda Delon as the Lead Independent Director, identified Fausto Manzana as Managing Director, in charge of the internal control and risk management system and the company ‘Conformis in Finance srl’. Assigned to the position of General Manager, Paolo Girardi will also be head of the Internal Audit function and in the role of investor relations. The Administrative Director Stefano Corvo will be the manager responsible for preparing the corporate accounting documents. The Board also made a non-material adjustment at the consolidated financial statements level: the consolidated net financial position decreased by 1.6 million, and was negative with 51 million instead of for 52.6 million as indicated in the previously approved consolidated financial statements . Projects for the merger of eight subsidiaries into the parent company were also registered with the Register of Companies in Trento. The objective is to streamline the group’s corporate structure, “by simplifying administrative and management activities and by creating the basis for better economic and operational synergies at a consolidated level” the company explains.