MILAN ( – The general meeting of GPI has approved the 2017 financial statements and the distribution of a dividend of 0.30 euro, with a detachment date of 7 May. The company closed 2017 with € 180 million in revenues (+ 32%), an ebitda increased by 29% to € 25.9 million and a net profit of € 8.2 million (+ 26%). The exceeding of 21.275 million ebitda has not triggered the assignment of the remedy shares. The project for the admission of the shares and warrants (with the possibility of requesting the listing of the ordinary shares on the Star segment) and the Board of Directors composed of seven members was approved: Fausto Manzana (chairman), Sergio Manzana, Dario Manzana, Andrea Mora, Antonio Perricone, Edda Delon and Paolo De Santis (independent directors). Finally, the buy back was renewed, with a duration of 18 months and a maximum of 2.5% of the outstanding capital.