MILANO ( – The merger of Ginetta spa and Cellular Line spa has been stipulated by the spac Crescita, immediately before the acquisition by Crescita of a participation equal to 49.87% of the share capital of Ginetta. The signing of the merger deed therefore represents the final act of the business combination between the spac, Ginetta and Cellular. 8.04 million shares were also issued to Ginetta shareholders, with a lock up of between 18 and 36 months, and 105.000 special shares converted into 630.000 ordinary shares. From the effective date of the merger, the company’s share capital will be equal to 21,343,189 euros, divided into 21,673,189 ordinary shares and 195,000 special shares. On the day before the merger date, 3 warrants will be assigned for every 10 ordinary shares: the total number of outstanding warrants will be equal to a maximum of 6,130,956.