– Great success for the 2nd Edition of “Green Investor Day”, with over 250 attendees including investors, companies and institutions;
– +9% the Revenues increase in 2012 of Italian green listed companies, average EBITDA Margin: 26%;
– Performance of the Green Italy Index: +7%;
– 11 the green sectors with 3,000 companies monitored by VedoGreen Survey Department: innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability the main issues to support growth in Green Industry
These are the main themes discussed during the 2nd edition of the Green Investor Day, powered by VedoGreen under the patronage of Borsa Italiana LSE. The event took place within Innovation Cloud – Solar Expo, the international exhibition dedicated to innovation and sustainable development.
Milan, 10th May 2013
Green Investor Day, organised by VedoGreen, the Italian company specialised in finance for green companies, was attended by over 250 participants including the main exponents of the international finance and the best Italian companies active in the most innovative sectors of the green economy such as energy efficiency, eco-mobility, waste management and environmental services.
Anna Lambiase, CEO of VedoGreen, presented a preview of the findings of the Study on Green Economy capital markets (2013 edition). The panel of Italian listed companies has been extended with the entry of Enertronica (renewables), Sacom (biotechnology) Landi Renzo (eco-mobility) and Isagro (agrochemicals).
The 16 companies in the VedoGreen panel recorded a revenue growth of 9% in 2012 compared to 2011, an average EBITDA margin of 26% and a YTD performance of +7% (vs. +2.0% of FTSE Italy Small Cap).

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Download the invitation and the program of the Green Investor Day


  • Piero Manzoni, CEO of Falck Renewables – Presentation (PDF)
  • Pietro Colucci, Chairman & CEO of Kinexia – Presentation (PDF)
  • Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini, CEO of Greentech – Presentation (PDF)
  • Giulio Antonello, CEO of Alerion CleanPower – Presentation (PDF)
  • Rinaldo Denti, Chairman & CEO of Frendy Energy – Video
  • Emanuele Mainardi – Chief Commercial Operator of Energy Resources – Presentation (PDF)
  • Richard Boomer, Managing Director of Forest Value Investment Management – Presentation (PDF) Interview
  • Federico Zacaglioni, Head of Development & Communication of Italeaf – Presentation (PDF)
  • Andrea Giustini, Chairman & CEO of Ecoeridania – Presentation (PDF)


  • Marco Giorgino, Chairman of VedoGreen
  • Fabio Ranghino, CEO & Founder of Ambienta Sgr
  • Michele Appendino – Chairman of Ame Ventures
  • Carlo Mammola – Managing Partner of Argan Capital
  • Massimo Gionso ‐ Director of CFO Sim
  • Paolo Verna ‐ Partner of Envent
  • Sergio Buonanno ‐ Managing Director of Idea Capital Sgr
  • Alberto Argnani – Managing Director of Fondamenta Sgr
  • Simone Borla, Managing Partner of Quercus Investment Partners LLP
  • James Beal, Renewable Energy Specialist of UK Trade & Investment