MILANO ( – The Enertronica Board of Directors have approved the new 2018-2022 business plan, which “was necessary due to the group’s cessation from electricity sales to the end customer, and for the process of focusing on the industrial sector that was launched in 2017”, as the company note explains. Therefore the focus will be on the industrial sector, in particular with Elettronica Santerno and eMobility, while the second business line will concern EPC and BOT in the photovoltaic sector. For this year, the corporate guidance is 53 million in revenue and 4.1 in ebitda, which will increase to 64 million and 5 million respectively next year, to reach 110.5 million in revenues with 8.5 of ebitda in 2022. In July, by exercising the powers of attorney, a total capital increase of 10 million euros will be launched (with a minimum subscription price of 2.3 euros per share), half to be offered as an option to all shareholders and bondholder convertibles, and the other half reserved for third-party investors with medium-long term objectives to support the e-Mobility operation. At the end of the increase, new 2018-2022 warrants will be distributed to all shareholders (1 for each share held) with an increasing subscription price over the years, starting from 3 euro. Between May 28th and June 1st 2018 an extraordinary conversion window will open for the 2013-2018 warrants.