MILANO ( – Enertronica completes the placement of the shares resulting from the optional capital increase offered to shareholders and to the holders of the ‘Enertronica 2017 – 2022’ bonds. The subject of the placement: 2,118,918 new ordinary shares, for a total maximum amount of 4.99 million euro. 575,432 ordinary Enertronic shares were placed at a price per share of 2.3 euros, for an equivalent of 1.3 million (equal to 27.2% of the offer). The new share capital of Enertronica amounts to € 529,478.40, divided into 5,294,784 ordinary shares. Therefore, 5,294,784 ‘2018-2021 Enertronica warrants’ will be issued and assigned free of charge at the ratio of 1 warrant for each ordinary share held.