MILANO ( – During the capital increase of Enertronica, 1,990,716 rights were exercised and 568,776 newly issued shares were subscribed (equal to 26.8% of the 2,118,918 shares offered as a whole) for a total of 1,308,184.80 euros. At the end of the offer period 5,425,499 option rights were not exercised, equal to 73.2% of the total rights, which then will be assigned at the price of € 2.30 to those who exercised their right of first refusal. The shares can be placed by the end of the year. 10,343,423 warrants from ‘Enertronica 2018-2021’ will also be issued, which will be assigned starting from Monday 16 July 2018 to all shareholders at the ratio of 1 warrant for each share held. The maximum number of ‘2018-2021 Warrants in circulation’ will be 10,343,423, and these will be listed on Aim Italia from next July 16th.