MILAN ( – Ecosuntek closed 2017 with 33.7 million in revenues, more than double the figure in 2016 of 15.4. Adjusted EBITDA stood at 3.6 million (3.7 a year before ) with an 11% margin; the net loss was 3.2 million (0.5 in 2016), “due almost exclusively to non-recurring transactions, the most significant of which relates to the sale of a non-strategic asset that produced negative economic results”, explains the company note . The group’s shareholder equity is 3.8 million, the adjusted net profit is 25.9 million. “The main business lines will continue to be divided into two areas, that of ‘Power Generation’ and the dispatching and marketing of electricity and gas – explains the company – From the financial year 2018, in addition to the reduction of the Pfn and the increase in revenues, the management will be able to concentrate its efforts on increasing margins”.