MILANO ( – The Digital Magics shareholders’ meeting, in an extraordinary session, approved a double capital increase with the exclusion of an option right of 600.000 shares each by issuing as many warrants with a strike price of not less than 8 euro. The first, with a deadline of 2022 and with a maximum of € 4.99 million, is destined for persons who will invest in the companies within the Digital Magics portfolio, while the second, with a maximum of 4.8 million euro and deadline of 2024, will be in favour of employees, of directors and collaborators of the company. In the ordinary session, the shareholders’ meeting approved the 2017 financial statements which closed with a production value of 2.8 million, a negative EBITDA of 638.000 euros and a negative net result of 6.8 million, which was affected by the writedown of equity investments and related credits. At the end of 2017, shareholders’ equity increased to 18.9 million, the net financial position was positive with 2.4 million: the operating companies in the portfolio amounted to 58, of which 32 innovative startups and 7 innovative SMEs. It also renewed the authorisation to purchase treasury shares up to a maximum of 100.000 shares (and 1 million euros).