MILAN ( – Fastweb in collaboration with Digital Magics, launches Together to 5G, a call for innovation for startups and SMEs aimed at creating an ecosystem of digital firms capable of giving life to a new generation of products, services and business models, which, thanks to 5G, can be implemented or improved through the introduction of new features. Together to 5G is aimed at all Italian innovative startups and SMEs (healthcare, tourism, fintech & insurance, culture, public administration, retail and industry) that use technology: IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality , virtual reality, wearable and advanced sensors, edge computing, network slicing and security. Digital Magics and Fastweb will select up to 10 projects and will invite companies to present their innovative solutions during the Innovation Day, on January 23rd, 2019, at the coworking campus of Talent Garden, Milan Calabiana. Three start-ups or SMEs will be chosen and which will enter into a co-design program where they will be supported , by Fastweb and Digital Magics, to develop their solutions by assessing the strategic potential, technical and commercial. The companies that will demonstrate the ability to meet technological and commercial requirements will be able to access the 5G Lab testing and integration phase at the Fastweb laboratories and/or in the areas subject to experimentation for on-the-field testing, and to better develop the proposed solution. At the end of this phase, Fastweb will evaluate the results obtained, as well as the possible inclusion of innovative applications within the 5G trials in progress in Italy, and the integration of selected services and products into its portfolio, possibly launching a partnership in the interests of Open Innovation. “Thanks to ‘Together to 5G’ startups and innovative SMEs will have the concrete opportunity to work together with Fastweb, both technologically and commercially, to develop a joint offer system to be integrated into the Fastweb portfolio” states Layla Pavone, Chief Innovation Marketing and Communication Officer of Digital Magics. “Beyond the growth of business, of vital importance for new digital enterprises, Together to 5G represents an important strategic opportunity for startups and SMEs: being able to apply for the first time and in advance – in their innovative models – 5G technology, which will bring a real revolution in all sectors, encouraging the birth of new companies and services.”