MILANO ( – Costamp Group released the 2017 results of the combined entity, created by the merger with Modelleria Brambilla, and finalised in June 2017. The value of Costamp Group’s pro-forma consolidated production for 2017 amounted to € 59.0 million. The consolidated gross operating margin was € 4.6 million. The pro-forma net financial position for 2017 amounted to € 26.9 million (€ 30.4 million on 30 June 2017), of which € 18.1 million is medium/long-term. The results reflect the impact of negative components of an extraordinary and non-recurring nature. The first consolidated financial statements of the issuer, on the other hand, closed with a value of 17.1 million of production, 1.4 million of ebitda (8.3% of the margin) and 0.4 million of ebit. The net financial position is 9.3 million. The BoD will propose to the shareholders’ meeting a capital increase for a maximum of 5 million euros reserved for qualified investors and the extension of the original 5 million – with option rights – approved by the shareholders’ meeting in December 2017. Capital increases that will contribute, jointly to the private placement of the shares acquired in the Opa, and to favour the restoration of the float.