MILANO ( – “We are in a complex market, where differentiation is the element that makes the difference and must distinguish us – explains Massimiliano Cossu, CEO of Portale Sardegna – We offer the possibility to pay in bitcoins, we are enlarged in other regions of the South while maintaining our identity, to purchase an entire package holiday, the shipping included, through an integrated online journey”. In 2017 Portale Sardegna increased the value of production by 29.5% to 5.8 million euro, while the ebitda rose from 0.07 to 0.32 million. The year closed in profit with 0.01 million against a loss of 0.09 million a year earlier. “Last month we took over 51% of Royal Travel Jet Sardegna, active in online tour operating services in Italy, with a focus on luxury tourism, and owner of the Network Charming brands – continues Cossu – An operation that allows us economies of scale and also have the experience of the Rtj managers who remained in our group”.