MILANO ( – Clabo has started production under the ‘Orion’ brand at the Howard McCray facility in Philadelphia, for which the US company has recently acquired a majority. According to the Clabo industrial plan, during the ‘NAFEM 2019’ exhibition, most of the ‘Orion’ branded models for the North American market will be produced in Philadelphia, with significant savings expected in terms of transport and logistics.”We are proceeding towards the integration of HMC with the rest of the group,” said President Pierluigi Bocchini. “The goal of having our Italian models produced in the United States seemed like a dream only a few months ago and today, thanks to the commitment of the American management side and the support of the Italian one, has become a reality. The level of service to our American client will greatly improve, both in terms of response time and quality. We remain optimistic about the progress of the plan and the achievement of its objectives, in spite of the fact that the market does not reward the title we believe it deserves”.