MILAN ( – Howard McCray, a US subsidiary of Clabo, received two orders for a total value of 1 million US dollars from Shell Oil Canada and Boar’s Head. Shell Oil Canada, with Freshii Restaurant, chose HMC as a supplier of new food outlets in Toronto’s Shell service stations for a deal worth over US $ 500,000. Boar’s Head has chosen HMC, confirming a first order for over 400,000 US $. “The American market of big chains – declares Pierluigi Bocchini, Executive President of Clabo – is satisfying us a great deal. HMC is growing at rates of over 20% year on year, as well as Easy Best in the Asian markets. The main European markets are also growing at double figures, with the exception of Italy, which now accounts for less than a third of our total revenues, confirming the international direction of our group. The first half ended with pro-forma consolidated revenues of over 30 million euro, up about 20% on the previous year, a figure that only a few years ago represented Clabo’s annual revenues, and the NFP decreased to 23.3 million euros compared to 25.2 million at the end of March. We are at almost 60% of the 53 million indicated in the business plan for 2018 and we are confident we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves. We are now concentrating on getting the nearly 10 million investments made over the last 18 months and boosting cash generation and profitability.”