MILAN ( – Circle will support the European Commission (DG MOVE) and the Motorways of the Sea Coordinator in the development of the MoS Implementation Plan 2019-2022. In particular, Circle, together with partners ADS Insight Sprl (Brussels) and ISL – Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics Bremen, won a tender worth 660.000 € in total on supporting DG MOVE with a Study on the Motorways of the Sea, as horizontal TEN-T priority, for identifying MoS key priority areas, as well as preparing, managing and following up MoS Fora, seminars, working groups, meetings and other communication activities. The project duration is 42 months.

“This new important assignment well represents the continuation of the support to the European Commission for the development of the overall maritime transport policy within the TEN-T framework as already undertaken for the period 2016-2018 as well as a further exploitation of as a digital multichannel platform for Motorways of the Sea” declared Alexio Picco, Circle’s Member of the Board and Director of the Connecting EU Business Unit.