MILAN ( – Centy closed a capital increase of 250,000 euros underwritten by StarTIP (a subsidiary of Tamburi Investment Partners), Venpay (controlled by the Ivs Group and specialised in telemetry services and terminal payment management) and Digital Magics (an important Italian business incubator, which already holds an interest in it). Centy is a smart money counter managed remotely via an app that converts cents into electronic money. After entering euro cents in the machine, you can convert the amount into electronic money, by depositing it in a savings account and use it to purchase content (film, music, app), donate it to charity or turn it into points, discounts and promotions. It can also be associated with loyalty cards for supermarkets and shops. With the new round of financing, Centy will strengthen the software and the technology platform, will carry out three prototypes of the smart coin counter (tested in three Italian cities including Rome and Milan) by 2018 and will focus on research and development, marketing and promotion of products and services.